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Personal Achievements

Onetime Gig

Complete Chapter 1.
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 7:50pm

Escape Artist

Complete Chapter 2.
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 10:23pm

Mercenary Endeavors

Complete Chapter 3.
Unlocked Jul 28 @ 11:25am

Night on the Town

Complete Chapter 4.
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 10:20am

Plan E

Complete Chapter 5.
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 5:37pm

Lights Out

Complete Chapter 6.
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 11:12pm

Trapped like Sewer Rats

Complete Chapter 7.
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 12:31am


Complete Chapter 8.
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 12:00pm

Warming Up

Win a battle.
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 7:02pm

Weakened Resolve

Exploit an enemy's weakness.
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 7:31pm

Bonds of Friendship

Free a bound ally.
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 7:31pm

Staggering Start

Stagger an enemy.
Unlocked Jul 27 @ 7:07pm

Music Collector

Collect 3 music discs.
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 5:18pm

Gotta Start Somewhere

Complete a quest.
Unlocked Jul 28 @ 10:06am

Materia for Beginners

Level up an orb of materia.
Unlocked Jul 28 @ 10:23am

My First Summon

Invoke a summon.
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 9:38am

Heavenly Dart Player

Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard.
Unlocked Jul 28 @ 11:11am

Cleanup Crew

Obtain the Chocobo & Moogle materia.
Unlocked Aug 1 @ 11:01pm

In Lockstep

Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5.
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 12:06am

Crate Annihilator

Complete all Normal difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 11:05am

Say It with Flowers

Decorate the Leaf House with a floral arrangement.
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 10:20am

Master of Fate

Earn all FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE achievements.

My First Ability

Max out a weapon's proficiency.

Biker Boy

Get praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game.

Summon Slayer

Defeat a summon in battle.

Sultan of Squat

Complete all squat challenges.

Returning Champion

Emerge victorious from a colosseum sparring session.

Snappy Dresser

Obtain three bridal candidate outfits.

Dressed to the Nines

Obtain all nine bridal candidate outfits.

Whack-a-Box Wunderkind

Complete all Hard difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

Peeress of Pull-Ups

Complete all pull-up challenges.

Best in the Business

Complete all quests.

Disc Jockey

Collect all music discs.

Building Character

Attain level 50 with a character.

Staggering Feat

Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy.

Intelligence Agent

Complete all battle intel reports.

Weapons Expert

Learn all weapon abilities for Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith.

Master of Mimicry

Learn all enemy skills.

Hardened Veteran

Complete all chapters of the main story on Hard difficulty.

The Road to Revenge

Complete both chapters of INTERmission on Hard difficulty.

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