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Personal Achievements

Living Legend

Awarded for earning all available achievements.

Coming of Age

Awarded for completing the coming of age ceremony atop Cobblestone Tor.

Adventure Awaits!

Awarded for receiving a warm welcome to Heliodor.

A Close Call

Awarded for coming face-to-face with incredible danger, and living to tell the tale.

The Power of the Luminary

Awarded for witnessing the power of the Luminary first-hand.

Terra Incognita

Awarded for making your way to an unknown land.

Yggdrasil's Chosen

Awarded for encountering some steadfast new allies.


Awarded for having a good run at a good race.

New Horizons

Awarded for setting out in search of new lands.

Undisputed Champion of Erdrea

Awarded for becoming a hero of the Octagonian arena.

Wild Blue Yonder

Awarded for opening the gates to the wider world.

Dark Art

Awarded for saving the village of Phnom Nonh.

Sea-Crossed Lovers

Awarded for easing the heart of an ill-omened lover.


Awarded for saving the kingdom of Sniflheim from disaster.

The World Tree

Awarded for reaching Yggdrasil at last and learning the truth.

Light of Hope

Awarded for filling your companions' hearts with hope.

A Spark Still Shines

Awarded for setting out into a benighted land to take up your quest again.

Best of the Bastion

Awarded for claiming a decisive victory and returning light to the land.

A Disciple Worthy of the Name

Awarded for overcoming a taxing trial and mastering a secret skill.

Soldier of Smile

Awarded for encountering some steadfast allies.

Bigger Fish to Fry

Awarded for returning peace to the seas.

Knight of the Living Dread

Awarded for bringing an end to an endless nightmare.

Beating the House

Awarded for awakening a new and exciting power.

Sibling Revivalry

Awarded for achieving a long-awaited atonement.

The Loveliest Catch

Awarded for reviving an ancient legend.

Hot Spring Hero

Awarded for saving Hotto from a fiery fate.

Ready as We'll Ever Be

Awarded for obtaining an abiding symbol of hope.

Saviour of All Erdrea

Awarded for defeating the Lord of Shadows and restoring the World Tree to its rightful place.

A Momentous Decision

Awarded for making a difficult decision at the end of an already long and arduous quest.

The Final Fight

Awarded for fulfilling your destiny at last.

Master of the Skies

Awarded for being fully prepared for the ultimate fight.

Echoes of an Elusive Age

Awarded for solving the myriad mysteries of Erdrea.

Beast Blaster

Awarded for defeating 1000 monsters.

Mount Olympian

Awarded for successfully riding six or more mountable monsters.


Awarded for performing 25 pep powers.

Expert Itemologist

Awarded for collecting 500 different types of item.

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Awarded for collecting all appearance-altering equipment.

Chef de Classe de Médailles

Awarded for completing the third page of your album de médailles.

Forging Ahead

Awarded for crafting 10 items on the Fun-Size Forge.

If At First You Don't Succeed

Awarded for reworking 10 items on the Fun-Size Forge.

Big Hitter

Awarded for crafting a +3 piece of equipment on the Fun-Size Forge.

Swordsmith of Light

Awarded for crafting the finest of all weapons on the Fun-Size Forge.

Next-Level Luminary

Awarded for mastering the way of the Luminary.

Master Thief

Awarded for mastering the way of the thief.

Flawless Sorceress

Awarded for mastering the way of the wizard.

Virtuoso Healer

Awarded for mastering the way of the healer.


Awarded for mastering the way of the entertainer.

Venerable Elder

Awarded for mastering the way of the sage.

Undisputed Champion

Awarded for mastering the way of the martial artist.

Knight Exemplar

Awarded for mastering the way of the knight.

Casino Connoisseur

Awarded for attaining 10 casino-related accolades.

Puff-Puff Buff

Awarded for experiencing the pleasure of the Puff-Puff in all its many forms.

Quest to Impress

Awarded for completing 40 quests.

Ultimate Enlightenment

Awarded for overcoming the challenges of the Wheel of Harma.

Magic Moments

Awarded for spending some quality time with a special someone.

Saviour of the Tockles' Scriptures

Awarded for saving all the worlds of the past from certain destruction.


Awarded for taking extra-special care to ensure that everyone is 100% fighting fit at all times.