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Personal Achievements

The New Adventure

Reached the first crossroads.

The Four Crossroads

Reached the four major crossroads.

The People of the North

Reached every village.

My Goal

Completed the personal goal of their journey.

The Full Set

Gained access to every potion and powder as a scholar.

The Great Wealth

Gathered 100 dragon bones.

The Armorer

Became an expert in armor repairing.

The Survivor

Survived more battles than most travelers.

The Faithfull

Relied on their faith during their journey.

The Faithless

Abandoned their faith during their journey.

The Bestiary

Gained insight into methods of defending themselves from beasts.

The Breaker

Wasted no time on getting in "the right way".

The Liar

Never hesitated to use lies for their own gain.

The Eastern Path

Managed to make the eastern path safer.

The Fisher

Caught 10 fish with traps.

Ready For Action

Became as prepared to combat as one can be.

The Gossiper

No secret was safe with them.

The Coast

Reached the sea.

The Shortcut

Uncovered the entire road through the heart of the woods.

The Bed Connoisseur

Slept in every possible area.

The Forager

Foraged 12 bunches of wild plants.

The Explorer

Thoroughly searched every ruin they could find.

The Gentle Heart

Showed mercy to many beasts and animals.

The Roadwarden

Completed their mission.

The Bright Night

Protected the north from the undead.

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