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Not There to Buy a Timeshare

Launch the Rocket
Unlocked Sep 8, 2019 @ 8:03pm

And… He's All Yours

Upgrade Del's New Best Friend
Unlocked Sep 8, 2019 @ 8:19pm

Now I Gotta Get Up Again

Reinforce Carmine at the Plaza
Unlocked Sep 17, 2019 @ 12:31am

A Mouthful of Boom

Headshot the Swarmak at the theatre
Unlocked Sep 17, 2019 @ 9:31pm

In the Name of..

Acquire Character Skins for 3 different post launch Characters
Unlocked Apr 6, 2021 @ 2:58pm

Back Atcha

Get a kill with ricochet bullets using Jack's Barrier Ability

I Was Born in a Crossfire Hurricane

Use Jack's Flash ability to stun 3 enemies at once in Campaign

Back on Your Feet, Soldier!

Use Jack's Stim upgraded ability to revive a DBNO friendly in Campaign

Shock and Awe

Use Jack's Shock Trap ability to shock 6 enemies at once in Campaign

Pennies from Heaven

Scavenge supplies from all fallen Condors in Act 2 and Act 3
0 / 100

Pass the Soap

Pass through a refuge shower with 3 Hivebusters in the same shower cubicle

Sire, Interrupted

Kill a Sire while it's kidnapping a teammate (any mode)

Perky's Revenge!

Get a kill with 3 Perks active in Horde


Complete a Versus match with a team of four Level 5 Gears Allies

You've Got a Friend in Me

Make a new Ally in Gears Allies

Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Reach Level 5 with an ally in Gears Allies

Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1

Insane Campaign, Master Horde & Escape Launch Maps & Characters, 20 Re-ups, General in Tour
0 / 100

Once More From the Top


One, Two, Three Sorties

Completed 3 Objectives for Tour of Duty in a day
33 / 100

I'm The Captain Now

Reach the rank of Captain in Tour of Duty
0 / 100

Corporal Punishment

Reach the rank of Corporal in a Tour of Duty
0 / 100

Generally Awesome

Reach the rank of General in Tour of Duty
0 / 100


Reach the rank of Lieutenant in Tour of Duty
0 / 100

Sergeant at Arms

Reach the rank of Sergeant in Tour of Duty
0 / 100

My Body is Ready

Complete Boot Camp

It's Time We Fight Them Together

Save the Riftworm village

Jameson Shipping Depot

Find a way into New Hope

That Old COG Technology

Open the old COG gate in Kadar Valley

Let's Get You Some Answers

Use the Comm Towers to locate the hidden facility

We Need the Old Plan

Kill the Matriarch

Safe and Sound

Secure the UIR satellites

Cutting it Close

Secure the UIR rocket

Throw a Switch, See What Happens

Assemble the UIR Hammer of Dawn rocket

Let's Keep Pissin it Off!

Survive the Kraken fight

Then We Watch Each Other's Back

Plant the last beacon in the Old Ephyra ruins

You Know I Ain't Going Out Like That

Get back to the New Ephyra wall

Discovered the True Threat to Sera

Complete all Acts of the Campaign (Any difficulty)
26 / 100

A Good Plan, Violently Executed

Execute 100 Rejects (any mode)
12 / 100

An Enemy Among Us

Get a kill with a Hijacked Pouncer, Warden, Stump and Elite Hunter in Campaign
0 / 100

Jack of One Trade

Complete an Act of the Campaign as playable Jack (any difficulty)

Jack of All Trades

Acquire all of Jack's Ultimate upgrades in Campaign
0 / 100


Use Jack's Cloak ability to cloak and execute 3 enemies before de-cloaking in Campaign

JACKed Up!

Fully upgrade Jack's Abilities and Passives in Campaign
6 / 100

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Use Jack's Fetch ability to acquire each Heavy Weapon in Campaign
0 / 100

Relic Hunter

Equip 3 Relic Weapons at one time in Campaign

Relics of the Past

Kill an enemy with every Relic Weapon in Campaign
0 / 100

It Takes Three to Make a Thing Go Right

Complete an Act of Campaign in 3-player co-op

Master Escape Artist

Reach Character Level 15 with Tactician, Anchor and Blademaster Class
0 / 100

Who's Your Escape Main?

Reach Character Level 15 with either Tactician, Anchor or Blademaster Class
0 / 100

Master of My Domain

Complete a Launch Hive on each difficulty (The Hive, The Descent, The Gauntlet or The Mines)
0 / 100

Who You Gonna Call? Hivebusters!

Complete 5 Escape Hives as each one of Mac, Lahni and Keegan
0 / 100

Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight

Complete an Escape Hive without firing a shot on Master Difficulty

The Three Musketeers

Inflict 9000 damage in Escape while 3 Ultimate Abilities are active

On the Razor's Edge

Got 5 kills while inside Hivebuster Venom

Compulsive Horder

Reach Character Level 15 with Infiltrator, Demolitions, Mechanic, Veteran, Marksman and Jack
0 / 100

Who's Your Horde Main?

Reach Character Level 15 with Infiltrator, Demolitions, Mechanic, Veteran, Marksman OR Jack
0 / 100

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Beat 50 Consecutive Waves of Horde (any difficulty)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As Jack, convert one of each weapon to Power using the Forge in Horde
0 / 100

Withdrawal Symptoms

As a team, collect Power from all 4 Power Taps within one wave of Horde

And I'll Form the Head!

Kill a Boss in Horde while all 5 players have active Ultimate Abilities

Homegrown Hive

Complete a Featured community built Escape Hive

I Made It All By Myself

Create and publish an Escape Hive

Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Play a match of Arcade

One Sec, I'll Be Right Back

Switch characters in an Arcade match and kill an opponent who previously killed you

Where's My Product Endorsement Deal?

Win 5 matches of Arcade
0 / 100

Grind Season

Won 25 Ranked matches in one Competitive Season

My Place in the Machine

Completed 5 Matches in a Competitive playlist

It’s Not Hoarding if Your Stuff is Cool

Collect all Campaign Collectibles
16 / 100

All Aboard the Crazy Train!

Complete all Acts of the Campaign on Insane
0 / 100

Planned and Executed

Execute both members of the enemy team within a round of 2vs2 Gnashers

Dynamic Duo

Won 10 Competitive Matches of 2vs2 Gnashers
0 / 100

All of Allfathers

Win a Versus round on every customized map piece in Allfathers Arena (9)
0 / 100


Complete a Match of Free For All, Arcade Blitz and Gridiron
0 / 100

Close Call

Win a Match of Arcade Blitz where the opposition team is within 25 points of winning

Ring Leader

Win a Match of Arcade Blitz with the most Points earned in a Ring

Come From Behind

Be 10 kills behind the leader of a Free For All round, then come back to win


Defeat an opponent with every Pickup Weapon in a single Free For All Match

Line Them Up

Defeat 10 different opponents in a Free For All Match


Score a Touchdown with the Flag in GridIron

Victory Seized

Place first in a Match of Free For All


Win a match of Gridiron and keep your opponents scoreless

Lay of the Land

Complete a Versus Match on Allfathers Arena, Lift, Mid, Boxes, Nethercutt, Pit & Core
0 / 100

Optimal Armaments

Complete a Match of Arcade Blitz as a Hero or Villain from Operation 2 or Operation 3


Master an Operation 2 Escape Hive and Horde Map
0 / 100

Highly Capable

Master an Operation 3 Escape Hive and Horde Map
0 / 100

A Very Particular Set of Skills

Acquire 30 Skill Cards of Level 3 or above
0 / 100

The Path To Victory

Re-up 5 Times
0 / 100

Go, Hunt In Packs

Re-up 10 Times
0 / 100

Destroy Them, My Children

Re-up 20 Times
0 / 100

Be Aggressive, Devious

Re-up 30 Times
0 / 100


Complete 50 Waves of Horde with Mac, Keegan and Lahni in your squad
0 / 100

These New Recruits Got Grit

Complete 50 Consecutive Waves of Horde with Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole

Hi-Ho, Silverback

Kill 200 enemies using the Silverback in Horde
0 / 100

Expanded Expertise

Reach Character Level 15 with Combat Medic, Pilot, Gunner, Robotics Expert or Brawler
0 / 100

Fresh Lineup

Escape a Hive with a team of COG Soldier, Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole

New Hivebusters

Escape a Hive with Lizzie Carmine, Clayton Carmine, Baird or Cole

Destroy From Within

Escape all Operation 2 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher
0 / 100

Stop 'Em Cold

Defeat the Matriarch in Escape using the Relic Dropshot

Hives: Busted

Escape all Operation 3 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher
0 / 100

Buying Time

Use the Scrubber Room to slow down the Venom in Escape

The Awakening

Activated Keegan, Lahni and Mac's Abilities in the Hivebuster Campaign Expansion


Killed 50 enemies using Lahni's Electroblade Ability in the Hivebuster Campaign Expansion as Lahni

Ready to Frontline

Killed 50 enemies through your Barrier Ability in the Hivebuster Campaign Expansion as Mac

Supplies for the Effort

Activated Resupply ability 25 times in the Hivebuster Campaign Expansion as Keegan

Enter Hivebusters

Completed all Chapters of the Hivebusters DLC (any difficulty)

Rite of Passage

Completed all Chapters of the Hivebusters DLC on Insane

Renewed, Not Consumed

Found all Character Ability upgrades in the Hivebusters DLC

Operation: Ride the Snatcher

Completed the Hivebusters DLC in 3-Player Co-Op (Scorpio squad, dupes not allowed)

Searching for Answers

Collect all Campaign Collectibles in the Hivebusters DLC

Bah! Child's Play

Escaped a Hive with Paduk

What's This Thing Doing Here?

Acquired any Weapon from the Fabricator in Escape

Payload Delivered

Escaped all Operation 4 Hives on Experienced Difficulty or Higher

Let's Try That One Again, Shall We?

Woke-up in the Med bay while escaping a Hive in Escape

Year of the Scorpion

Completed all Year One Escape Hives

Brothers in Arms

Completed 12 consecutive waves of Horde Frenzy with Baird & Paduk in your Squad

Swift and Grimy

Completed 60 Waves of Horde Frenzy on Insane or Higher

Efficient Excellence

Won a Match of Horde Frenzy on Master Difficulty

Controlled Bursts

Won a Match of Horde Frenzy (any difficulty)

Fresh Grubs

Completed a Featured Horde Map from Operation 4

Now We Understand Each Other

Master All Featured Horde Maps from Operation 4

Make 'em Bleed

Dealt 30,000,000 damage in Versus

Absolute Carnage

Dealt Dealt 100,000,000 damage in Versus damage in Versus

Yep, I'd say they're dead

Killed 25,000 enemies in Versus

Nothin' But Bits!

Killed 100,000 enemies in Versus

And Stay Down!

Eliminated 25,000 enemies in Horde or Escape

Rest in Pieces

Eliminated 100,000 enemies in Horde or Escape

Eyes on Target

Got 12,500 assists in Versus

Covering Fire

Got 50,000 assists in Versus


Dealt 60,000,000 damage in Horde or Escape

Total Devastation

Dealt 200,000,000 damage in Horde or Escape

A War That Will Be Won

Re-upped 40 Times


Reached Character Level 15 with 10 Characters

Cool Off, Baby!

Killed 100 enemies using Brawler Class Flame Ability & Flame Skill Cards in Horde or Escape

I'm Rubber, You're Glue!

Killed 100 enemies using Gunner Class Reflect ability in Horde or Escape

You Better Run!

Killed 100 enemies under the effect of Nomad's Fear ability, as Nomad Class, in Horde or Escape

Decorated Soldier

Won a match of Gridiron with an Operation 4 Hero or Villain

A Nice Present For You

Killed an enemy using a planted Grenade in Gridiron mode

Protect This House

Got a Denial on an Enemy while they were inside your Endzone with the flag in Gridiron Mode

Take a Look Around

Completed a Versus match on Reactor, Blood Drive & Checkout

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Mastered an Escape Hive and Horde Map from Operation 4

A Challenger Emerges

Unlocked a reward in any Competitive playlist

Ironed Out

Completed all chapters in Ironman Mode on Experienced difficulty or above

That’s Inconceivable!

Completed all chapters on Inconceivable difficulty

Showin’ a Little Skin

Completed a chapter of Campaign while using a Custom Skin

Just Showing it Off

Killed 10 enemies using a weapon with a Custom Skin

Batista Bomb

Completed all chapters in one Act while Batista as Marcus is enabled

Class Act

Reached level five on any one Assault, one Tank and one Support

The Centaur Set

Maxed out each of the Anchor, Gunner, Pilot, Veteran, Brawler classes

Exterminating the Hollow

Got 100 eliminations in Nexus

Places to Go, Monsters to Kill

Won a Ranked match in each of Regency, River, Nexus, Clocktower, and Gridlock

So There's the Hero

Collected first Heroic skin

Didn't Want to Look Too Civilized

Collect 20 Epic character skins

Ben Would Have Loved This Thing

Got an elimination with the Scorcher

Solid Gold

Beat the Gold Time in a Featured Escape

Such Carnage

Got 2000 points in a Competitive match from eliminations

Break Them. Brutalize Them.

Got 1000 points in a Competitive match from ring breaks

You've Got Character, Kid

Own 50 character skins

Gun Collector

Own 360 weapon skins

A Gear of Many Talents

Completed a Versus match in each of Regency, River, Nexus, Clocktower, and Gridlock

Legendary Operator

Reached Legend 25 in an Operation

A Real Gear

Reached Re-Up 50

Re-Up Mastery

Reached Re-Up 60

Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 2

50 Re-Ups, Inconceivable Campaign, Mastered All hives & Horde Maps , All Classes at Level 20

In Total Control

Won a Control and/or KOTH match on 10 different maps

Event Planner

Won 10 matches in Versus Events

Back In Style

Won 10 matches of Execution

Bernie is Back

Won 5 matches with Bernie COG character

Trusted Advisor

Won 5 matches with the Vrol character

Grave Consequences

Won a Versus match on Tomb

Destroyed Beauty

Won a Versus match on Ephyra

Last Rites

Won a Versus match on Ritual

Chamber of Horrors

Completed a match of Horde Frenzy on Atrium

Take Command

Completed a match of Horde Frenzy on Command

Breezing Through

Completed a match of Horde Frenzy on Turbine

Total Annihilation

Do 400,000,000 damage in Horde or Escape

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