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Banan   Bedfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I am currently in need of 105 Festive Eyelanders for a chemistry set that my friend bought me. Those that donate will be credited on this Google Doc Spreadsheet [] :Heartyou:

If you're looking to play Demoknight in a competitive scene in 6s, comment on my profile for details about KnightComp! []. Any questions about KnightComp that you may have, you're more than welcome to DM me on discord! Thy God#6304 []

Thanks to Digiorno Pizza for my incredible profile picture!

Mini-Info Box :
> Moderator for the insane Demoknight, SolarLight [].
> Co-owner of SolarLight's KnightComp League
> Moderator of RytuGamer's Streamer Cup
> Retired Co-owner on a trade server by Bibihotz
> Co-owner of the TUG community
> Moderator of the Church of Pootisberb steam group
> Permanent Donator on the Harpoon Gaming trade servers!
> Previous donator on Jump Academy servers
> Donator to many TF2-associated charities like, Rally Call and Tip of The Hats
> Admin of the Spylander league created by klown and swipez
> Founder/Owner of Bananarama TF2 Comp

Feel free to also follow me on Twitter!

My Main Group! - MGHMDT Steam Group
My Banana Group! - Banana Steam Group
Vote for this! - TF2 Workshop: Banana Slippers

TF2 Trading :
My Trade Offer Link
My Page []
:red_banana: Red Tags = Not for sale
:green_banana: Green Tags = Willing to trade
:yellow_banana: Yellow Tags = Items with sentimental value
:ultra_banana: Light Blue Tags = Not for sale and will upgrade
:orangebinary: Orange Tags = My Medal Collection

TF2 Competitive History :
UGC []Steel Highlander Season 24 (Demoman) One Day Prolander Cup - Europe (Demoman)
Gette it Onne! (Scout)
KnightComp Season 1 LB Playoffs 6th place (Demoknight)
MiniTournament Season 1 (Heavy)

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:LoveYellowFace: Nurse Sam :LoveYellowFace:
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:dashfleet_coin: Name : The Wesatron 5000
:dashfleet_coin: Sexuality : South African 750 ml bottle of alcoholic drink.
:dashfleet_coin: Relationship : Taken by the cutest person ever :StarwhalYellow:
:dashfleet_coin: Gender : Manly Man
:dashfleet_coin: Age : +1 every year
:dashfleet_coin: Birthday : 3rd June 2000

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:yellowbeat: My friends
:yellowbeat: Collecting funny hats
:yellowbeat: Take That and Michael Jackson
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:yellowbeat: Dark Humour
:yellowbeat: International Food Events
:yellowbeat: WWE
:yellowbeat: Mock The Week

:YellowCoin: Amazing People :YellowCoin:

Nurse Sam - Nurse is simply the greatest person to ever grace this planet with her incredible sense of humour and enthusiasm for random stuff, she's the most gorgeous person ever and I'm so grateful to have you as my girlfriend. Despite knowing each other for almost a month now, I can safely say that my life is sorted with you in it, I look forward to everyday knowing you exist and I'm just so thankful for you sticking with me no matter what, you're a loyal and beautifully loving girlfriend who I'm so proud to call mine forever :lovelyheart:

BloodyRose ♡ - Honestly, one of few people who never fails to entertain me with incredible songs and active chats most days, it's always a delight to see you online to guarantee a wonderful conversation with such an amazing woman, you're amazing and thank you for brightening my days. I'm so happy that I've encountered you through random chance and now I'm wondering how I never met you sooner because you're the perfect prime example of a lovable friend that anyone could wish for, I myself am most certainly glad to have you in my life :em_heart:

rura_ - Where do I begin with this absolute legend of a tosser.... I guess we'll begin with our incredible 4+ years of knowing each other beginning on idle_sniperwar doing Underdog impressions til now spamming sounds and being absolute mongoloids on the daily! Meeting this legend was the singular most inspiring thing in my life as we almost blew up our internal organs doing food challenges. Much love to you my man :StarwhalYellow:

Krazyclass - Well well well. If it isn't Krazyclass, an absolute boss of a man, sailing our unbreakable friendship since roughly 3 years ago now and bloody hell, has it been a wicked time to be alive at the same time as this man. Sharing mock the week quotes left, right and centre and not to mention certain "things" in Left 4 Dead 2 and most importantly, the experiences we've been through on every TF2 trading server. Absolute wonderful times with him, thank you for all :cwd_heart:

Seal - An absolutely legendary man who's always an utter blast to chat with whether it's voice or text. We always understand each other immensely well and both have a similar taste in common interests like WWE featuring our main man, Chris Benoit! As well as that, he's just such an appreciative and caring dude who's always willing to get active and lend a needing hand to anyone that needs it. Thanks for being there always my dude :kb_heart:

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Wear these puffy shoes! Make everyone around you go bananas!

The Soldier's version has no socks, so that players can see the Mantreads are not equipped.
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You are my broski. Woo woo woo

You know it.
Thy God ★T-U-G ★ Jun 14 @ 6:02am 
Dear all, I've had to finally prune anyone on my friends list that wasn't actively messaging me or just wasn't online much anymore, if you believe I may have made a mistake, do comment here if not, then I hope you enjoy your day <3 Don't take offense to any removals, just trying to keep my list clean <3
Thy God ★T-U-G ★ Jun 14 @ 5:05am 
spare coochie hee hee Jun 14 @ 4:20am 
sksjhdj hi dad l0l
rura_ Jun 13 @ 2:26pm 
I love you.
Thy God ★T-U-G ★ Jun 10 @ 3:52am 
No problem dude, and if you wanna re-do it, I'll more than happily accept your FR