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If you're looking to play Demoknight in a competitive scene in 6s, comment on my profile for details about the new gamemode, KnightComp! [discord.gg]

Looking for players for my currently in development Highlander Team [www.ugcleague.com] and my Ready Steady Pan Team [pan.tf].

Mini-Info Box :
> Moderator for the insane Demoknight, SolarLight [discord.gg].
> Professional TF2 Loadout Creator :roflo:
> Co-owner of the [T͎-͎U͎-͎G͎] servers - IP:
> Co-hoster of SolarLight's KnightComp League
> Moderator of RytuGamer's Streamer Cup
> Creator and Owner of the TF2 Subclass League
> Retired Co-Owner on a trade server by Bibihotz

Feel free to also follow me on Twitter!

My Main Group! - MGHMDT Steam Group
My Air Strike Group! - Air Strike Steam Group
My Banana Group! - Banana Steam Group
My Conscientious Objector Group! - Objector Steam Group
Vote for this! - TF2 Workshop: Banana Slippers

TF2 Trading :
My Trade Offer Link
Backpack.tf Page [backpack.tf]
:red_banana: Red Tags = Not for sale
:green_banana: Green Tags = Willing to trade
:yellow_banana: Yellow Tags = Items with sentimental value
:ultra_banana: Light Blue Tags = Not for sale and will upgrade
:pink_one: Pink Tags = Matching Kaerra Items which aren't for sale

TF2 Competitive History :
UGC [www.ugcleague.com]Steel Highlander Season 24 (Demoman)
RGL.gg One Day Prolander Cup - Europe (Demoman)
Gette it Onne! Medieval Mode Comp (Scout Merc)

Thy God's Squad
Rura_ :freebeer:
Krazyclass :jarate:
Max :theLenny:
Harry :PPPIG:
DoomDozen :gmod::Amper::Y:
DeepFox :fidget:
ℳℛ.Genius :UnionJackFlag:
Xerye :happymeat:
Shia :surprisepoop:
Mr.White :pandatongue:
MpphhhGaming: :Blot99:
Skylake08: :BananaBomb:
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:yellowsun: NFS: This is being used as an another Item Showcase because I want to show you guys how I got these amazing items! :yellowsun:
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About Me
:YellowCoin: Personal Info :YellowCoin:

:dashfleet_coin: Name : My name is Wesley :banana:
Sexuality : Straight
Gender : 8-pack of 200ml Summer Fruit Capri Suns for £2.99.
Age : I’m 18 years old even though I sound much older :theLenny:
Birthday : 3rd June 2000

:YellowCoin: Likes and Dislikes :YellowCoin:

Likes :Like_Yellow: :
:yellowbeat: Gaming
:yellowbeat: Voice Impressions
:yellowbeat: Learning about behaviour
:yellowbeat: Criminal Investigations
:yellowbeat: Playing TF2 with friends
:yellowbeat: A great community

Dislikes :Dizlike_Yellow: :
:yellowbeat: Egocentrism
:yellowbeat: Tryhards
:yellowbeat: Hackers
:yellowbeat: Beggers
:yellowbeat: Lowballers
:yellowbeat: Scammers
:yellowbeat: Random adds with no reasons

:YellowCoin: TF2 Info :YellowCoin:

TF2 Main : I main demoknight
TF2 Favourite Weapon : The Air Strike
TF2 Favourite Cosmetic : The Potassium Bonnett :csgo_banana:
TF2 YouTubers : SolarLight, Woolen, Toofty, Alfie and Optivex.

:YellowCoin: TF2 Wishlist :YellowCoin:

:YellowCoin: Unbox Unusual✔️
:YellowCoin: Aussie in MvM✔️
:YellowCoin: Every Demo Weapon all with spells and prof ks✔️
:YellowCoin: Every weapon with a strange quality✖️
:YellowCoin: Collector’s Bootlegger ✔️
:YellowCoin: Collector’s Spec Ks Sticky Jumper ✖️
:YellowCoin: Hale’s Own Iron Bomber✔️
:YellowCoin: Hale’s Own Stickybomb Launcher✔️
:YellowCoin: Hale's Own Grenade Launcher ✔️
:YellowCoin: Hale’s Own Eyelander✖️
:YellowCoin: Strange Collector’s Prof Ks Festivized Double Spelled Air Strike✖️
:YellowCoin: Sunbeams Potassium Bonnett✖️
Artwork Showcase
Thanks Max you giant enormous 7.
11 6 2
Workshop Showcase
Wear these puffy shoes! Make everyone around you go bananas!

The Soldier's version has no socks, so that players can see the Mantreads are not equipped.

2,010 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - heinous
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The Home of the Potassium Bonnett Owners!
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