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The Demoknight Banan   Bedfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I am currently in need of 133 Festive Eyelanders for a chemistry set that my friend bought me. Those that donate will be credited on this Google Doc Spreadsheet [] :Heartyou:

If you're looking to play Demoknight in a competitive scene in 6s, comment on my profile for details about KnightComp! []. Any questions about KnightComp that you may have, you're more than welcome to DM me on discord! Thy God#6304 []

Thanks to Digiorno Pizza for my incredible profile picture!

Mini-Info Box :
> Moderator for the insane Demoknight, SolarLight [].
> Co-owner of SolarLight's KnightComp League
> Moderator of RytuGamer's Streamer Cup
> Retired Co-Owner on a trade server by Bibihotz
> Retired Co-Owner/Staff Manager of the TUG community
> Admin on the LPT Community trade/casual servers
> Moderator of the Church of Pootisberb steam group
> Permanent Donator on the Harpoon Gaming trade servers!
> Previous donator on Jump Academy servers
> Donator to many TF2-associated charities like, Rally Call and Tip of The Hats
> Owner/Founder of the PFoHP steam group
> Admin of the Spylander league created by klown and swipez

Feel free to also follow me on Twitter!

My Main Group! - MGHMDT Steam Group
My Banana Group! - Banana Steam Group
Vote for this! - TF2 Workshop: Banana Slippers

TF2 Trading :
My Trade Offer Link
My Page []
:red_banana: Red Tags = Not for sale
:green_banana: Green Tags = Willing to trade
:yellow_banana: Yellow Tags = Items with sentimental value
:ultra_banana: Light Blue Tags = Not for sale and will upgrade
:orangebinary: Orange Tags = My Medal Collection

TF2 Competitive History :
UGC []Steel Highlander Season 24 (Demoman) One Day Prolander Cup - Europe (Demoman)
Gette it Onne! Medieval Mode Comp (Scout Merc)
KnightComp Season 1 (Demoknight)

Thy God's Squad
Empress Hellfire
Mark Knopfler
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Team Fortress 2
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:yellowsun: NFS: This is being used as an another Item Showcase because I want to show you guys how I got these amazing items! :yellowsun:
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About Me
:YellowCoin: Personal Info :YellowCoin:

:dashfleet_coin: Name : My name is Wesley :banana:
Sexuality : Straight
Gender : 8-pack of 200ml Summer Fruit Capri Suns for £2.99.
Age : I’m 18 years old even though I sound much older :theLenny:
Birthday : 3rd June 2000

:YellowCoin: Likes and Dislikes :YellowCoin:

Likes :Like_Yellow: :
:yellowbeat: Gaming
:yellowbeat: Voice Impressions
:yellowbeat: Science
:yellowbeat: Origami
:yellowbeat: Criminology/Psychology/Human Behaviour
:yellowbeat: Playing TF2 with friends
:yellowbeat: A kind, welcoming community
:yellowbeat: Long complex conversations about the existence and science of Hot Pockets.

Dislikes :Dizlike_Yellow: :
:yellowbeat: Egocentrism
:yellowbeat: Hackers
:yellowbeat: Beggars
:yellowbeat: Lowballers
:yellowbeat: Scammers
:yellowbeat: Unnecessary Toxicity/Drama
:yellowbeat: Crits, Random Crits, Earnt Crits, Undeserved Crits, Deserved Crits. Anything more to say about this topic?

Friendly Disclaimer: If you're gonna comment on my profile or talk to me just to stir salt, treat me like shit or cause unnecessary toxicity/drama then please kindly fuck off and leave me alone. Thank you in advance.

:YellowCoin: TF2 Info :YellowCoin:

TF2 Main : :swords2: Demoknight :swords2:
TF2 Favourite Cosmetic : The Potassium Bonnett :csgo_banana:
TF2 YouTubers : SolarLight, Woolen, RobTheAwsm, Archimo, Toofty, Alfie and Optivex.
TF2 Information :
:YellowCoin: I can make any Conscientious Objector and Flair! with full colour, just send me the picture, decal tool and sign and I can do it for you for free! All I ask in return is a +rep on my profile :StarwhalYellow:
:YellowCoin: I collect Conscientious Objectors/Flairs! with interestingly funny images on them.
:YellowCoin: I love spelled items, spectral spectrum, chromatic corruption, gangreen footprints and weapon spells are my favourites!
:YellowCoin: The Chicken Kiev must be praised upon as our lord. :SilverFergus:
:YellowCoin: I love making really weird and wacky loadouts with cosmetics that are uncommonly seen in game. Uniqueness of loadouts, I find very enjoyable :dexo_happy:
:YellowCoin: I collect named weapons that have names of very simplistic and obvious names like naming the Bootlegger to 'leg' for example.
:YellowCoin: I love to collect medals in TF2, whether they are Charity ones or Competitive ones.
:YellowCoin: You need a kill bind in TF2 to have experienced high-quality gaming. (bind <key> kill).
:YellowCoin: I enjoy collecting items signed by well-known people in the TF2 community.

:YellowCoin: TF2 Wishlist :YellowCoin:

:YellowCoin: Unbox Unusual✔️
:YellowCoin: Aussie in MvM✔️
:YellowCoin: Every Demo Weapon all with spells and prof ks✔️
:YellowCoin: Every weapon with a strange quality✖️
:YellowCoin: Collector’s Bootlegger ✖️
:YellowCoin: Collector’s Spec Ks Sticky Jumper ✖️
:YellowCoin: Hale’s Own Iron Bomber✔️
:YellowCoin: Hale’s Own Stickybomb Launcher✔️
:YellowCoin: Hale's Own Grenade Launcher ✔️
:YellowCoin: Hale’s Own Eyelander✖️
:YellowCoin: Hale's Own Claidheamh Mòr✖️
:YellowCoin: Sunbeams Potassium Bonnett✖️
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Thanks Max you giant enormous 7.
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Workshop Showcase
Wear these puffy shoes! Make everyone around you go bananas!

The Soldier's version has no socks, so that players can see the Mantreads are not equipped.
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People avoid it though in order to fulfil their attention-seeking needs
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That's right
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Friendly Disclaimer: If you're gonna comment on my profile or talk to me just to stir salt, treat me like♥♥♥♥♥♥or cause unnecessary toxicity/drama then please kindly ♥♥♥♥ off and leave me alone. Thank you in advance.
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