Chris Benoit.   Bedfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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TF2 Community Service
> Twitch/Discord Mod for the insane Demoknight, SolarLight [].
> Co-owner of SolarLight's KnightComp League
> Administrator of the KnightComp Steam Group
> Contibutor to the KnightComp Steam Guide
> Owner of the demoknight tf2 Steam Group
> Twitch moderator for swipez the sexy spy main xo
> Twitch mod for multiple streamers
> Staff on many discord servers
> Staff on several steam groups
> Moderator of RytuGamer's Streamer Cup
> Retired Co-owner on 2 old TF2 servers
> Previous donator on Jump Academy/Harpoon
> Donator to many TF2-associated charities like, Rally Call and Tip of The Hats
> Admin of the Spylander league created by klown and swipez [ON HOLD]

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My Main Group! - MGHMDT Steam Group
My Banana Group! - Banana Steam Group
Vote for this! - TF2 Workshop: Banana Slippers

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Chris Benoit, the best damned technical wrestler in the world!
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Another item showcase so not for sale!
:YellowCoin: (Not so) Personal Info :YellowCoin:

:dashfleet_coin: Name : The Wesatron 5000
:dashfleet_coin: Sexuality : South African 750ml Bottle of Alcoholic Drink.
:dashfleet_coin: Gender : Manly Man
:dashfleet_coin: Age : Boris Johnson
:dashfleet_coin: Birthday : During every year

:YellowCoin: Likes :YellowCoin:

Likes :Like_Yellow: :
:yellowbeat: You :StarwhalYellow:
:yellowbeat: Gaming
:yellowbeat: My friends
:yellowbeat: Science
:yellowbeat: Michael Jackson
:yellowbeat: Belle Delphine and Coconut (Nekopara)
:yellowbeat: Dark Humour
:yellowbeat: WWE and Wrestlers like Paige, Bayley, AJ Lee, Chris Benoit and CM Punk
:yellowbeat: Mock The Week

:YellowCoin: TF2 Info :YellowCoin:

:yellowrubberduck: I'm a Demoknight Main
:yellowrubberduck: I love Deadly Daffodil Fire Horns items
:yellowrubberduck: I collect Conscientious Objectors
:yellowrubberduck: I love spelled items
:yellowrubberduck: I love stupid, silly item names
:yellowrubberduck: I enjoy making similar loadouts with friends

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+rep what a lovely trader
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Hey i added u for trade i'm intrested in ur unu pls accept me