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Boneworks is on an entirely different level than any game I've ever seen. Everything you see can be climbed. Every object can be interacted with or taken with you across the entrie level. There must be a bajillion ways to go through a level and everyone does it their own way. For instance, the devs stated they intended for you to go through levels multiple times to get all the collectibles as you have limited pockets to put stuff in. But what did I do? I put all the collectibles and extra weapons in a bucket, crate or trash can, anything like that if I could find it, and carried it with me through the entire level. The fact you can even do that is something else. It's eerily close to real life, except you have a bit of superhuman strength.

One section required you to climb a steep building and there was no way to bring the bucket with my stuff with me because you can't jump as high the heavier the stuff you carry is, and climbing with one hand and a heavy bucket in the other ain't happening either. Luckily though, the same level had a hidden balloon gun secret that I found (which of course I also used to attach balloons to myself and fly around the entire map as I later found out was possible), and so I was able to climb the roof, then attach balloons to the bucket and catch it while it was floating up.

Boneworks isn't perfect and may not be the best experience for everyone due to the physics being sometimes a little janky. That is, for instance if you pull a lever too hard you may find yourself lifting yourself up a little due to how strong your character is, which definitely induces motion sickness for people without VR legs. Some objects are much lighter than I believe they should be, even if attributing for the main character's strength, causing you to be able to knock over certain large, heavy looking tables with relative ease. Plus, for whatever reason your upper arms have no collision, so imagine if you try to grab a fence quickly while flying but you miss the top and your hands went too far, you can fall down and your lower arms end up on the other side of the fence where it's not easy to get them out of there. The physics feel great for the most part, but they can be a little off sometimes. I loved every bit of it though.
Posted March 20, 2020.
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December 2020. It appears when you decide to change your review from negative to positive, you lose all ratings it received thus far.

That stinks because I value any support of bringing issues with this game to attention. Leaving it at "not recommended" pains me a little because I would absolutely recommend RL for its very solid gameplay. This was originally review bombing when Epic/Psyonix decided to take a rather greedy route for this game. Unfortunately, nothing has changed since then. Bummer, but it's how it is.

Yeah, it sucks that they dropped the Mac and Linux versions as soon as they had Epic behind them, it sucks that the handling of toxicity is so awful that it's worse than not handling toxicity at all, it sucks that there's plenty of bugs with the servers and especially with the tournaments as of now, it sucks that they hypocritically shamed lootboxes and instead went to exploit fear of missing out (because that's not gotten the media's and governments' attention yet), but the core gameplay is great regardless.

I do recommend it, but under the current circumstances that they no longer offer the game on Steam it doesn't matter much and I will leave the rating as is.

The ban system is an absolute joke.

***Note that this part was originally a forum post. Psyonix decided to lock it without giving any reason, and asking them why they did was to no avail. Seemingly they just want their problems to go away quitely and make it appear like nothing is wrong, that their handling of alleged toxicity isn't all sorts of messed up. This needs to gain attention.

I had to play two 2v2 matches with the same person twice in a row (fantastic matchmaking by the way, Rocket League, as has always been). Mid-game they fail to save a ball that went straight up right after kick-off by driving behind me but not committing to flight, and next kick-off I say "I got it!" only for him to ask the enemy "How did you have so much boost?!?" in chat, drives with me to kick-off because they didn't pay attention and we get scored a second time.

Then this moron has the absolute gall to stand still again and say "I'm so mad I had to play with you twice in a row", to which I replied "I'm not happy either considering you are currently throwing by standing still and chatting", and then they go "I just had to carry you last match because I had more points, you suck", so I called him a loudmouthed ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that desperately needs to take a look in the mirror.

Well, guess who got the 72 hour ban and who didn't? I did report them for unsportsman-like conduct but obviously nothing happened.

It is an absolute joke that actual toxic person like that guy can get away scot-free but using "bAd wOrDs" towards someone just gets you banned FROM PLAYING for 72 HOURS.

Psyonix. Fix this.

inb4 "lol u probably lying, u always toxic". I can assure you and swear by all that's sacred that I'm the nicest player you can meet. I never say anything mean towards anyone under any circumstance whatsoever. I'm even careful with jokes. I don't care how bad you play because everyone has bad days. But I >will< retaliate and speak my mind if a hypocritical jackass like that guy is going to throw ♥♥♥♥ at me. And again, ban me if you want, but the fact this horrible person gets away with this is a horrible, sickening joke.


Note: The review below was due to Epic and Psyonix killing off the Linux and Mac versions. Psyonix had no problem supporting them right until Epic purchased them. They promised "yuy we have gud reasons coz we want features we can't have on Linux and Mac" and yet here we are, with the newest fancy update, which still has not improved the game in any way. It's still the exact same game as when Linux and Mac was still supported, graphical glitches and other small annoying bugs included. It's a functionally well-working game that doesn't need much improvement, of course, but that begs the question why support for two operating systems was dropped. The answer: Money. And therefore: Negative review.

I didn't think they could do more things wrong but now it seems the new update is not just all sorts of broken, but they also force you to create an Epic account even though they said you didn't have to. And even if they said that you had to, it's not acceptable under any circumstances to force a user to create another third-party account when the purchase agreement only involved the Steam account.

I'm not even in the "100% anti-Epic" camp. I see and appreciate the good things they're doing, but they're throwing much of their consmuers' goodwill right out the window with nonsense like this.


I didn't see myself adding a negative review to one of my favorite games, but here we go. It's nothing to do with the gameplay, otherwise I doubt I'd have put in the hours that I have. The balance, the mechanics and the tech are really solid. So solid in fact that they've remained virtually untouched since the game originally released in 2015. The updates that this game received were all in the realm of new game modes (rarely, and the last one was added years ago) and collectibles/cosmetics. This is where the issue comes in.

Why do the developers of this game – that doesn't receive any updates outside of cosmetics – feel the need to drop "support" for two operating systems? In March, you will no longer be able to natively play Rocket League on Linux and MacOS. In fact, since they do nothing but add cosmetics to this game, you can hardly even call this "support". This is literally just greed and laziness; they want to save money by not having to update the Mac and Linux versions. Which they wouldn't have to do to begin with if they didn't keep adding useless cosmetics.

What we have here, ladies and gents, is a perfectly functional game that has remained in the same state since 2016 (when they added Linux and Mac versions) being killed off for two operating systems over some f***ing hats to put on your cars. Sh*tting you, I wish I was.

Excuse the bad analogy, but to me it feels like you take Chess, a game that has remained the same for decades, and the authorities of some tournament come to your club and say "sorry, you're no longer allowed to hold official tournaments in here. You have to go over to that other club building every time now because there's people there paying for stupid little hats to put on their chess pieces." The developers could have literally not touched Rocket League since 2016 and it would be the same game today as it was back then, minus cosmetics and three game modes that no one really plays anyway. But they have to add even more hats and now they have to kill the Mac and Linux versions because of it. Right.

But hold on, there's more hilariously sad details to this story. So they've maintained the Linux and Mac versions (by adding cosmetics) for four years, in a time where Psyonix was somewhat of a smaller indie studio. Then a few months ago, they were acquired by Epic Games and proclaimed "we're still the same team, but now we have the power and experience of Epic Games behind us!" Not only was Rocket League not improved one bit since then (and why would it need to, the gameplay is perfect as is), but now that they have the "POWER!!!" and "EXPERIENCE!!!" of Epic Games, they can no longer maintain Linux and Mac support? When without Epic Games they did so for four years?

What kind of sick joke is this?

I'll tell you what this is. This is pure corporate greed and anti-consumer thinking at its peak. A game is killed off for two operating systems because they want to add more hats while improving the cost/profit ratio for the process of adding hats as much as possible. Sorry for repeating this so much, it's just that even while writing this down it is kind of difficult to believe that this is actually happening.
Posted January 24, 2020. Last edited December 12, 2020.
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I really don't need to tell you how amazingly fun this game is, since everyone else has already done so, but I guess I can throw my vote into the mix.

This is one of my most played VR games for a reason. If you ever fancied just getting up, being sucked into a cartoon and then beating the living shizniz out of Heavy Weapons Guy lookalikes, and do all of that with your own hands, this game is definitely for you.

This game, along with Blade & Sorcery, are the top melee brawlers in VR. While B&S aims to serve a realistic experience, GORN is goes all-out with its wackiness. You can punch people into the stratosphere depending on your gear and settings; it's just immensely fun.

It features a campaign with challenges to power through, but you may also use the custom mode to create a modded game of your choosing. Furthermore, there's community mods to add more weapons and different maps as well as things like AI behavior into the mix. It takes a long time to get bored as there's more ways to beat the living hell out of everyone than there's unique moves in Chess.
Posted November 26, 2019.
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This slaughterfest of a game combines physics-based tower defense and trap building with action adventure/shooter elements. You can play pretty much however you like; if you enjoy bashing orc heads in with your bare hands (or weapons for that matter), you can do that. Grab all the big guns and some supporting buildings to restore health and mana, or perhaps some loyal henchmen to help you on the field. Or you can assemble the most deadly of contraptions according to your master plan and build the most awesome automated death traps. You actually get more points the more ways you inlict pain on orcs, too! Have a wind trap blow them into another trap that pushes them through a spray of acid right into a lava pit, all the while you're standing next to them to freeze them with your ice belt? That's a buncha point multipliers for you!

In co-op mode you can do all of this with a friend which mostly just makes maintaining multiple traps a lot easier, but naturally you can also combine your abilities for some frantic orc beating. There's a huge range of traps and weapons, from flamethrowers over tar pits to black holes; from rocket launchers over storm clouds to magic wands to convert an enemy to fight on your side, making for a limitless amount of different strategies and plans to effectively off the orc waves. Did I mention the wind belt to bowl entire groups of orcs over the entire map?

Unfortunately, the co-op mode is not free of issues. The player who is not the host may encounter some desyncs, however these are mostly just visual and don't affect gameplay. Having a good connection is definitely advisable though. I've seen things like giant ogresses suddenly wake up from a stun and come at me at light speed due to lag, and that's just scary. Can also ruin attempts.

Safe to say this is one of our most played games on Steam for a good reason. Thanks to official Steam workshop integration, the fun is nearly endless. The official arsenal is more than enough to beat every single stage in dozens of different ways for sure, but mods just make it crazy diverse. It's a definite evergreen for us, a game that we'll keep coming back to for years to come.
Posted June 30, 2019. Last edited June 30, 2019.
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Let me start off by saying that I can sort of recommend this game with mods, but I'm not willing to give it a good rating because it's a horrendous cash grab. This is not worth $/€60 and you should get it at no more than $/€10, especially if you already own the original game. If you are okay with the fact that this is really just a 3D vision version of Skyrim where you can also move your arms around which effectively are only a replacement for your crosshair, then the experience it offers isn't so shabby that I would call it not worth it to anyone.

The problem with Skyrim VR can be summarized in that they did the absolute bare minimum to make it a VR game. They added hand tracking. That's almost literally it. It's an absolute cash grab of a port and the fact that it wasn't included with the base game and had a price tag of 60 bucks as though anything actually warranted that price is downright insulting.

  • Very little to no world interaction with your hands
  • You can't pick up things like weapons or potions with your hands; they appear in your menu and then you have to navigate menus first to have them appear in your hands. You only have one hand with the ability to put things in your inventory, and there is no grabbing. They just disappear as if this was the regular version of Skyrim. There is no immersion here; if you expected you could physically pick things up and put them in your pocket or keep them in your hands and use them immediately, or maybe put a bottle of potion to your mouth in order to consume it, you're at the wrong address. All of this is done through the same non-VR-optimized menus as in the original game...
  • ...which are still completely navigated as though your hands were just holding a regular controller.
  • No 3D sound, can't tell where any sound you hear is coming from
  • Riding horses is an awful, lackluster experience to the point that I'm never doing it
  • Combat wasn't adjusted for VR at all, either, making Skyrim's originally already dull combat an even bigger joke. You even still have to hold down a button to use up stamina for more damage, your real life arm movements are effectively completely irrelevant. The best strategy is to just wiggle swords inside of enemies until they die. Even if you want to play immersively, the giant hitboxes and effective button presses for more damage and parrying make it a dull and unimmersive experience. The fact that magic spells work independently per hand and that they didn't mess up bows completely hardly makes up for that.
  • Many animations removed for people prone to motion sickness, but no way to reenable them
  • You can't see your own character at all
  • Add to this all the bugs and issues that base Skyrim, which already is a fairly overrated game, has, which they've never bothered to fix despite re-releasing it for all the platforms over and over again, and you've got yourself a game that is as equally overyhyped as it is mediocre.

For 60 bucks, an overhauled combat system for VR is the least I'd expect. For a VR game to feel immersive, enemies need to have individual hitboxes for all their body parts that your sword can connect to and they need to take realistic push force to make it feel good. There are enough melee combat VR games out there that do this and it feels great so it clearly would have been a possibility, but Bethesda went for the easy cash grab and literally just copied the original combat system onto your hand tracking, which means one big hitbox for enemies and pressing a button to make your sword deal more damage, rather than just swinging it harder with your actual arms as if this was an actual VR game. And that's all on top of a timed exclusivity deal with Sony for the PS4, not to mention. Disgusting.
Posted March 26, 2019. Last edited March 26, 2019.
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Do you like Mario Kart? Do you like platformers? Speedrunners is both. It's great fun especially with friends.

It sports more than solid platforming mechanics. Rushing through the levels feels great. It's an actual speedy platformer with the twist of racing against other oppoents, albeit there's also single-player training modes alone or versus bots. It's also easy to pick up and play but hard to master, making it perfect for online and LAN play. It's a must at every LAN party.

Even though it's definitely a multiplayer game first and foremost, it's also a great time killer for offline play thanks to its solid mechanics.

Very much recommended for both single- and multiplayer.
Posted November 22, 2018. Last edited November 22, 2018.
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Just gonna write something short here since I really love this game, might do a longer review later.

Note: I already finished the game on the PS4 before.

This is simply an excellent platformer. It's got satisfying mechanics, it's fun and challenging; tricky, but not unfair.

I recommend this to people who love platformers as well as Crash veterans and newcomers alike.

If you previously bought it on the PS4, it's definitely worth giving it a go again. It's a high quality port with uncapped framerates (only in fullscreen mode), making the game feel more precise and responsive than ever. Plus your keyboard, mouse or controller of choice! Default key configurations have attack and crouch bound to the mouse, which is good thinking on the devs' part. You can assign up to two keys to the same action, which is also really convenient.

Boots and works flawlessly on weak hardware: On the GPD Win 1, it runs at ~60 fps (320x200) and ~30 fps (640x400).
Posted July 1, 2018. Last edited July 1, 2018.
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Let me start by saying that it's difficult for me to write a proper review, especially when it's for a game I've sunk so much time into as the highs and lows I've had with it can't be counted on the fingers of the infinite monkeys I contracted to randomly type a brilliant review for this game. They're still going and they are yet to present a single paper that starts with even so much as a coherent sentence, let alone an assemblence of letters you can actually find in a dictionary of any language - unless you consider Gibberish a language, that is. So much for that theory, eh? Psht.

So instead I'll explain why I think this game, formally known as America's #1 War-Themed Hat Simulator, informally known as Team Fortress 2, TF2, Team Defense Fort Deux, hl2.exe and GMOD mindf***ery, deserves the "Test of Time" award! After all, that's the only reason I've even bothered to write this review. Don't judge me, it's cheap XP. I know you're doing the same, we're all in the same boat here.

I'll give you just one good reason: TF2 has been at least in the top three most played games on Steam, currently and almost for the entirety of its existence. There, nuff said. That's it. You won't find a better candidate anywhere else. And if you disagree; go to hell.
Really though, it's literally stood the test of time through Valve's chronically horrible support and updates. Need I say more? (Just kidding, you've supported TF2 overwhelmingly well, Valve. With a few minor hiccups. Admittedly.)

If you are looking for more subjective reasons, well, I can give you those too no problem! Even though I am pretty, pretty fairly certain that I speak for everyone when I say that TF2 truly is a game that you can always come back to no matter what. Unless you consider those people who actually grew tired of it, but hey, we ain't talking about you low-bros. Get outta here.

Simply put, it's varied and full of possibilities, paired with a nigh infinite skill-ceiling for the base game. That's a perfect formula for a perfect multiplayer game experience!
It appeals to so many groups of players. Once you've learned the ropes, you may proceed to play 24 players mayhem on casual servers or duke it out PvE style against hordes of metal men.
Maybe you'll find some cool online friends and hang out on your favourite community server and custom maps.
Perhaps you've fallen in love with one of the many mods created for this game, be it randomizer, Saxton Hale or... Wario Ware?!
Would you join the ranks of the richest traders and aquire the sought-after Goldtacular Pan Captain?
Or just perhaps you'll join TF2's also-varied competitive scene and become the next Krusher99 b3nny™!
There's something for everyone and it shows - TF2 is a timeless masterpiece.

Go get voting ya mongrels.

Disclaimer: This review was translated from Gibberish and written by an actual monkey.
Posted November 25, 2016. Last edited November 25, 2016.
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