i'm Thu

and I :heart: you.
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Master Chef : thu needs anal sex
Master Chef : in the face

k.: my butt is about to explode with shit

*DEAD* shounic : that fucking thing is so long

[8:00:49 PM] (Channel) c0nn3ct: ya
[8:00:50 PM] (Channel) c0nn3ct: i like
[8:00:51 PM] (Channel) c0nn3ct: mlp

thanan2067 : My internet make me killed!

11:10 PM - hayroo: born too late to explore the earth
11:10 PM - hayroo: born too early to explore the stars
11:11 PM - hayroo: born just in time to browse dank memes

jess : my omanko is super wet now
jess : make me kimocchi

*DEAD* Swifty : i like watching horse porn

*SPEC* iMauriceiNoob : I enjoy beastiality

xF.fishee : can u get better internet?

eheheh : i fucking you've mom final night

4:52 PM - G-Gaps: Watashi wa gonna make anata kimochi sugoi that anata'll iku

*DEAD* squid! : i wasn't ded

sN.Cie| : i want to kick ur cock

Vice : itchy nipples

cptcrumble : walao this stupid cb train damn OP

Big Blue - Guitar arrange: futas have larger penis than you


C00lk1d : noob
Player C00lk1d left the game (VAC banned from secure server)

lft agario Frosteh : im sluttering rip

dinosaur#RAWЯ: I fap to pink walls

4:16 PM - 【=◈ᴗ◈=】: thu has become full weeb
4:16 PM - 【=◈ᴗ◈=】: do we say goodbye
4:21 PM - Cerise: im pretty sure he was already weeb long before

5:16 PM - elly: iwant to fuck u thu
5:16 PM - elly: i love pinoys
5:16 PM - elly: i want to fuck pinoys
5:17 PM - elly: ill fuck ur penis
5:17 PM - elly: ill stuff it in my mouth
5:17 PM - elly: and i will swirl my tongue
5:17 PM - elly: around ur penis
5:17 PM - elly: i will push deeper
5:17 PM - elly: and deeper
5:17 PM - elly: i feel disgusted
5:17 PM - elly: but i would do anything for u thu

Local Coffee: "africa can eat forever the way our yasou is feeding."

[7:35 AM] Nyanimus: "I have UwUtism"

djoats: sex is a very intimate and sacred act. remember ur body is a temple and u shouldnt be sharing it with anyone who plays league of legends
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disco beat down hallmark given to me by Zanscape
s.f. grenade launcher given to me by Konma
bubble pipe given to me by elly
usp stainless w/ GG sticker given to me by duel
mac10 amber fade given to me by rennth
maraxiform's fate given to me by Yoojin
undertale given to me by Foncy

+ many more (that i may or may not have forgotten)

a big thank you to all of these wonderful people, and to everyone else who chose to spend time with me
you've helped make me who i am today! :heart:

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its okay someday maybe
Wakefield Jul 1, 2019 @ 7:17am 
RIP real life, always getting in the way of ♥♥♥♥
Thu Jun 30, 2019 @ 4:35pm 
razarath Jun 30, 2019 @ 8:30am 
ikr. real life n all that
Wakefield Jun 30, 2019 @ 4:13am 
Been too long
Thu Jun 30, 2019 @ 4:04am 
welcome back raz long time no see