Alex   Canada
Any and all friend requests without a preceding comment explaining why you added me WILL be denied. Don't add me for Arion stuff.

Shoutout to Seth, Izzy, and Aero. You guys were the MVPs.
tradeit promo bot 22 feb, ore 7:34 
Hey bro, join tradeit and take part at promo action there! G2Aa and tradeit giveaway about 60-100$(more hours in CSGO - more money) to everyone! Promo only for few days so dont miss it! Link to tradeit in my steam profile
Ana 18 feb, ore 18:44 
Dear winner! Your Steam id64 won this week! You won a free giveaway! You can choose "PUNISHMENT MASK or BIG GRIN" or any items RUST. Get it on {COLLEGAMENTO RIMOSSO} use your code: ->8OML8RT<- (This code is only valid for you.)
ahshop3 16 feb, ore 9:40 
Adding support for your inventory system for ahshop
Brojned 17 dic 2018, ore 11:13 
Hey I added you because I cant install your Eris F4 addon
Rekya Ontara🐉 7 dic 2018, ore 12:48 
a little friendly question <3
Only. 29 ott 2018, ore 16:41 
I added you because i need to report you something