Cock Hardman
Major Share Holder Of Klarinogampros FC   Greece
I have no fucking clue why you would want to be here but hey, im just some loud boi playing vidya gaems furtnite profesionale epic despacito gaemer.
Also part of the of the Mpasinas Dynasty that ruled Eretria for centuries. Has fought against the Ottoman Empire for years and kept the town independent for 3 centuries, until it finally got conquered in 1754 and now serves as a PMC agency. We're a proud family that likes the occasional SEX NA OUME™, so we're considered by many Don Zouan ths Ellados, and the Greek Prank Invasion, even though that prick is using our τεχνίκς™ to pick up hot chicks.
Also proud Co-writter to the famous novels MpampisBizzareAdventure []and its sequel Souvlaki On A Sticc []
We used to be powerful, we roamed the internet searching for the most entitled fucknuggets and the most dense "tough guy" wannabes, we shitposted them to the point of contemplating suicide and privating their profile.We shitposted weebs, furries, edgelords and kebabs. Our autism was unmatched, but those were the old days. Let our legacy be known
Me :Shitpost specialist uses advanced autism techniques to mindfuck and mindcontrol victims to the point of having a mental breakdown
Eythimis else known as Zarnobious "Revolver "Revolver Carlton Fade" Carlton "Pop That Puss" Alpralozalambalam Redgrave (Deceased):Elite kebab remover born to destroy the commies,Shitpost Strategist and keeper of the recipe for the mother of all omelets.Commited suicide after Bossuccis roasted []him.
George :the one and only GoldenDawn Advisor using his Tachanka τεχνικές to guard the albannian borders from invaders
OneTrueMaverick :Obviously not a real maverick since he doesnt have any Logan Paul merch, also a loli lover that should be locked up to rot and you should hide your kids from
MorbidlyObese™All rights reserved : homothot slayer hepatities master of the remove kebab
Boid Emo child drops out of school because of bullying and turns into a vampire trap that leechees money from his mother
Barazz Fedora wielding whamen respecer sneaks around in the alleys of Salonika waiting for unsuspecting whamen to respec
Fanpepe dyslectic child tries to roast people then proceeds to spam airblast to eat the trigger
BaptainBomega Infinite incest and mom jokes,those are still funny right guys?
TheBemonKink The edgiest fucking weaboo to ever (((3 days))) grace this planet which probably enjoys some good ol' linkin park nightcore AMVs and will not hesitate to kill a man (because its not that big of a deal) [] for his whaman with his 20ft.LongKatanaSchlong

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Cock Hardman Mar 7 @ 6:04am 
back off sand black person
chomusuke Mar 7 @ 5:27am 
Cock Hardman Feb 6 @ 3:13am 
i want to ♥♥♥♥ Revolver"Revolver Ocelot"Ocelot's revolver
i drank the jesus juice Feb 5 @ 11:22pm 
i masturbate to pictures of anthropomorphic firearms
Cock Hardman Feb 5 @ 4:22am 
ok pedophile
fabasilis Feb 5 @ 4:14am 
more like raw luck in fate\grand order JP
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