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This is the worst Battlefield game I've played, don't even know where to start listing or explaining because there are so many issues with this game it is abysmal.

The game feels like a mix of Warzone and Overwatch with these specialists, which seems pretty dumb for a Battlefield game. Not to mention currently people are calling the game Hoverfield 2042 since you can pretty much climb and fly from building to building with the hoverboard in the game, ridiculous. They didn't make a campaign for the game so they could focus all their budget and time on Multiplayer, which was even delayed for a month, still failed miserably.
Some of the basic things missing from the game, like other people have mentioned, are:
No classes, scoreboard missing, all chat is out too, VOIP missing, server browser gone, can't switch squads, can't switch teams, stats page gone or barely showing anything, destruction seems minimal not like they advertised. Not to mention the worst optimization possible for a Battlefield game, minor and bigger bugs all over the place. For example, I was running up a hill, the hill was glitching so you could see the other side from inside the hill, ridiculous again.
The hitboxes are awful, taking headshots while shooting beside the head hitbox same goes for all the other body parts too. There are like what 22 guns give or take? - Laughable. Lack of game modes - it's like you are playing an early access BF game.
The best thing from the game are the Portal modes, but again limited to like 2 maps in total for each mode, which seems lackluster pretty much.

Overall, this game is a huge disappointment and literally the worst Battlefield game, at least in my opinion. Don't waste your hard-earned money for this piece of crap.
Posted November 21, 2021.
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This is the third installment of the "Mafia" game franchise, and it's the worst. The whole game consists of a tedious, repetitive grind from mission to mission, literally feels the same.
Invade a racket, kill some people, find the boss/manager of that particular racket, interrogate him and decide if you want to kill him or hire him. Rinse and repeat this like thirty times and finish the game.

Since Hangar 13 took over to develop the "Mafia" franchise the game got very casual, repetitive, bland and very tedious to play through the game even for only the main story part. It doesn't even feel like a "Mafia" game, it feels like a low budget average third person cover shooter.
The only resemblance this game has to the other games is that Vito is in it, that's it. The combat and the gun play is not satisfying either, pathetic.

If you are an old school Mafia (2002-version) fan you'll probably like Mafia 2 since it's a good game, but you will hate this game, just skip this game and replay the older games.
I only hope Hangar 13 doesn't make any more Mafia games because this franchise is doomed.
Posted September 20, 2021.
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I would start this review by saying that this is a decent remake of the original (2002) game but really it doesn't come close to being good as the original game.

Apart from the story there isn't any real resemblance to the original game's atmosphere, soundtrack, characters and overall feeling that the original gave the player. This game is a prime example that good graphics don't make a great game as some people think that still to this day.
There are so many missing things here that the original (2002) game had that I don't even understand how's that possible for a 2020 game? How is that possible that an 18+ year old game has more content and it's better overall than this remake in almost every aspect except the graphics of course being that the original game was made about 20 years ago.

Hangar 13 promised us a "expanded story" but that is nowhere to be found in this remake, it's more like it was cut short and not expanded in everything like they said, not only the story part but I mean in general the whole game is a big lackluster. This remake feels like it was rushed despite the one-month delay, who knows how would this game turn out if they didn't delay it for a month to fix and add some things like the "Classic Difficulty" for the OG fans.
There are no side missions, there are no Lucas Bertone side missions like the original game had. The side character Yellow Pete is gone, there are literally no traffic lights except for one or maybe two you come across somewhere on the map as I remember. There's nothing really to do in the city when you are playing the "Story" and the Free Ride feels like it's put there just because the devs don't want that much backlash from the OG fans because the original game had Free Ride. After each mission ends almost always the next starts right there immediately, there's nothing between them really. They could have put in so much more and really expand the story like they said in the advertisements and teasers but instead the game has much less than the old original game which still blows my mind that I'm repeating this again.
They could have done so much more and expand this game's story, side character development and more but instead they made a lackluster remake that only looks better than the original that's it. At least it's better than Mafia 3, I give them that.

Gameplay part feels almost exactly the same as Mafia 3's gunplay and driving, especially when you drive the motorcycle it feels like its driving system is from a 2004 arcade game it's that bad. The gunplay is not satisfying like in the original and even Mafia 2 had pretty good gunplay mechanics but this remake feels like it's almost a straight copy and paste from Mafia 3 which was horrible. There are bunch of different kind of bugs and problems like ghosting, clipping, AI getting stuck in the wall, etc.
I noticed a bunch of invisible walls, going through some bushes makes you lose a chunk of health and crash like you crashed to a brick wall at full speed with your car which is laughable for a 2020 game. The cops literally know where ever you hide so you must continuously drive far away from them so you can escape and lose the "wanted stars". The AI seems like it can track you through the walls when in a fire fight. Spoiler warning example: Last mission when you are fighting with Sam at the end of the game. He is literally tracking you through walls and shooting, and you can see him too with this ridiculous yellow marker where it shows Sam's exact position.

The story part seems good, but I still don't like how they changed the story aspects which seemed not really necessary because the conclusion was the same as from the original game. There are so many more things I can say about this but that would pretty much be too long of a review for this remake.

Overall this is a decent remake of the original game, but fails to deliver the "faithfully recreated, with expanded story, gameplay and original score" that was promised to us.
This is not the "Mafia" I remember and it is definitely much less.
Posted September 28, 2020.
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PUBG, the "ultimate" battle royale experience as they said back in 2017 really failed to deliver that "ultimate" experience after more than 2 years in development including early access, "FIX PUBG Campaign" as they named it, etc. After 2 years this game still feels like it's an "Early Access Alpha" game, honestly it's even worse than it was. With every patch they release the game feels worse, generating a tonne of new bugs and game breaking glitches which are unacceptable since they even have a separate "Test Server" of a game where you can play with the newest patch while they test the newest patch and after that they patch it on the "Live servers".

Moving on from the obvious bugs and glitches. There's the rampant cheating that is happening since the game launched on Steam and gradually it's got worse and worse. According to the BattleEye anti-cheat software for PUBG back in January 2018 they banned more than 1 million PUBG cheaters in January alone! This is a fact, so nobody can deny the rampant cheating in this game and blame it on the players that they are whining too much.

Other thing that bothers me is the automatic region selection they reworked so they said this will fix the issue for players who are deliberately joining regions where they have high ping so they can abuse this in various different ways and make the experience for others really bad. Nothing changed. I still get people teleporting in front of me with 200-300 ms/ping, so this update didn't fix anything.

Going on forward to the core gameplay of the game now. Oh boy the movement in this game feels very clunky, laggy and out of sync. The netcode and the desync in this game is the worst I have ever saw in any multiplayer game I've ever played. The servers aren't any better either, they're in the same crap category as the netcode and desync of this game. Like what the actual hell, sometimes the lag is unbearable so you would think wait a minute am I lagging this much? Wrong, the game's performance is just that bad. The most triggering thing is the desync in between fights, I'm fighting with a guy so we are peeking and trying to pull of a shot on each other I go back in cover and after like 1.5-2 seconds I'm getting shot or knocked out by a headshot behind the cover all this while I have 25 ms/ping, 0 packet loss, 0 choke and average 130-150 fps. This is not even the worst thing, the worst thing after this when you go watch the death cam and replay it shows a completely different scenario than what you experienced LIVE in action. In the death cam and replay of the game I didn't even go behind a cover it shows I was hard peeking it until I got a headshot. So the live fight and the replay or death cam sometimes shows a different scenario than what actually happened due to crap netcode and desync. Great isn't it?

To conclude this review I can only say for PUBG that when you write this game down on paper it sounds great and trully it's an awesome game, but with all these major problems the "Ultimate" battle royale experience is nonexistent.
If they remake and update the game's engine, remove the water under the map so the performance would be much better, get better servers and actually get a competent developer team that has talent and experience with games like this, then this game will be the best Battle Royale game you can play.

Posted July 6, 2019.
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First of all please don't pay attention to people who write reviews here whining how the game is hard and they're struggling on easiest difficulty.

The game is taking place fifteen years after the events of Alien (the movie), you play as Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda trying to find out the truth about her mother's disappearance.
I was really surprised that the game could bring back the nostalgia feeling from the first Alien movie, the game's atmosphere is really on point.
This game is basically a survivor horror so most of the time you will be trying to escape from the alien and using stuff you find so you can make weapons and throwable bombs, molotovs, etc so you can defend yourself. I really can't say anything else about the main storyline without spoiling major plots about the game, so I will just conclude my review here.
Last but not least if you are not an Alien franchise fan or a survivor horror game genre fan you probably won't like the game, but either way I still recommend playing this gem of a game.
Posted June 4, 2019.
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Early Access Review
Another "battle royale" game and it's free, sounds good right? Well it's a yes and no situation here, don't get me wrong this game is a decent battle royale game in the "free to play" category but it's far from a great game.

After playing almost 7 hours of this game I can already say that I experienced this game in its fullest potential, even won a few matches too while I was trying out this game. Firstly this game is not for everyone not even for most of the battle royale fans, I thought PUBG felt a bit lackluster with their laggy servers and that annoying desync that you still can experience in that game currently, but no. Let me tell you PUBG is far superior in every aspect than Ring of Elysium even with a few annoying technical problems that PUBG still has unfortunately.
First of all Ring of Elysium feels like a very casual mobile game, this game has one of the worst movement system implementation that I have ever experienced in FPS or battle royale type games. The whole game feels very bad, the gunplay isn't good either, you can't even peek in this game like what the hell? Before you come here and tell me yes I know there's a peek system implemented where you can peek if you are at the corner of some wall but that's just dumb, in a game like this you would at least expect so you can peek whenever you want not just at the end of a freakin' wall.
Only by not having the proper "peek" system implemented in Ring of Elysium ruins the gunplay when you are fighting off a whole squad while your buddies are knocked down or even in solo games.
Additionally the end game of Ring of Elysium is awful too, most of the end game is based on camping around the helicopter while you can't even see anything in the storm so the end game is based of if you can "out heal" your opponents by having more heals than them you will win most end games. Yes it's unique, but takes away the great feeling of the exciting 1v1 situations or even the last two squads having a final battle for the first place.

The skill gap in this game compared to the other battle royale game like PUBG is non existent, if you like competitive games where skill on some levels actually matters or you are a hardcore FPS gamer then Ring of Elysium is not for you. If you are a casual gamer who wants to enjoy a game with friends and fool around or even play solo matches and you don't care about issues like these or you don't care about the skill gap in games then this game is for you.

Posted December 6, 2018.
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Oh boy where do I even start, "Mafia" is an old classic, a very underrated game by today's standards. I remember playing this game when i was in grade school, much later in 2011 I bought this game on Steam too and I have never actually wrote a review for this game.
Reading through other reviews by people, the media and even newer "retro" reviews I was glad that people do still remember this great game even after more than 16 years since it was released. On the other hand I was annoyed a bit that people still try to compare "Mafia" to the "Grand Theft Auto" series which just blows my mind, this game isn't GTA and it was never meant to be a "GTA" game. Just because there is a semi-open world with a bit of driving involved, a character that you control in 3rd person doesn't mean it's automatically a "GTA" clone.

"Mafia" is a linear game that is trying to show and tell a realistic story about organized crime back in the 1930s and sure it does it very well. The summary of the game's story is that you are Thomas Angelo, a normal guy trying to make a living by driving a Taxi for a respectable company. One day you are caught up with two mobsters at the wrong place and wrong time, forced to help these mobsters get away from some other guys. When you get these men back to their safe location at the "Salieri's Bar", they show you appreciation from their Don because you helped them get away. They even offered Tommy a job if he is willing to work for them because they appreciate a guy that helped them. Later on Tommy will get jumped by the other mobsters from the rival family who were chasing the guys Tommy just saved a day before. Tommy successfully escapes from these mobsters back to the Salieri's bar where he dropped off Salieri's guys just a day before. This is how the story starts for Thomas Angelo, a new guy, just joined the Salieri family because he was kind of forced to get help from them. After these events the game's story continues to show Thomas Angelo as he rises through the ranks of organized crime.
For a game this old it holds up really good even after 16 years, obviously there are minor bugs and glitches here and there but it's not like games nowadays don't have any, right?
This game is a classic and in my opinion the best work that "Illusion Softworks" did in this genre of games, there's other good games that portray a realistic image of organized crime back in the 1930s but this game tops them all off.
To conclude my review, in my opinion this game is a masterpiece that told a realistic story and I don't think any new game in the coming years will ever come this close to being this good as "Mafia" is.

Posted October 20, 2018.
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