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LookAtMyChicken 2022년 5월 14일 오전 4시 15분 
added to talk to you about your car's extended warranty program :lunar2020confidentrooster:
H1ghF8 2022년 4월 27일 오전 11시 42분 
I was in a similar situation. I do feel like there was someone impersonating you on discord in order to have access to my steam account. I am not sure if this was a real matter but I decided to block them.
Edward 2022년 4월 27일 오전 11시 30분 
Block them, they're using green shielded people from SteamRep list to defraud people.
HWoodpecker 2022년 4월 27일 오전 11시 26분 
Okay, the did contact me on discord and supplied a picture with the information regarding the report. The information cited you as the direct contact regarding the ticket. They did not contact me through steam
panther 2022년 4월 26일 오전 2시 10분 
-rep griefer
ernesto #rustclash 2022년 4월 10일 오후 6시 13분 
wanted to ask you something about my steamrep ban from 2.5 years ago