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I am aware of impersonators, no need to tell me about them. Thanks for trying though. :D

DO NOT, i repeat, NOT add me for trades of ANY kind. I am not interested in your :poop:

WARNING: Adding me randomly with a private profile will result in me reporting you for suspected phishing/hijacking.

About me:

-I love TF2 (when the team is actually able to do their jobs right, noone needs a medic that fights with his syringe gun while teammates die next to him and neither does a team need 6 snipers that hide in the spawn or 6 Spies that just watch the enemy cloaked while doing nothing...)

-MvM was good at start but now lacks HARDLY of useful teammates...

-Dislikes people with MLP Names/avatars as the whole fandom in general


-If there is one thing that i wish to change in History: Make Germany win WWII (this is my opinion and not ment to offend somebody. If you are still offended by it, cry some more. I do NOT support the Holocaust and all that but i support the rest that was in germany by that times. Respect, people actually wanted to work, do some quality work aswell, no mean foreigners *not all foreigners are mean* and every culture was where it belonged to.)

Thanks for reading that :poop:
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1-Highlight the text
2-press ctrl+f
3-press 9

Enjoy Komrade!
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MANFACE! here, i am not dead, just sitting drunk at a friends place, enjoying my real life! :steamhappy:
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Rip again
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