parge lenis
Alex F   Minnesota, United States
Taking a break from competitive TF2 at the moment.


Etney : pussy bitch cant do anything but spawncamp

revert: i just cant stand bad teamates
revert: and even worse the ones that decide to play medic and act like the wheel hasnt been invented yet

*DEAD* JackTheBunny : fucking gay
=V= alex! : no u
*DEAD* JackTheBunny : stupid aimbot

*DEAD* big brain : u only killed me because i ran out of health

Tonights main dish : dude you are the reason why people convert to overwatch
I caught him cheating

*DEAD* CUPHEAD : kick alex pls

*DEAD* krawtch : what must life be like for the pyro main
krawtch : like can you operate doorknobs

LINK'S LEGEND : do you like cheese stop shooting my ass off

18:25:14 TF2Center: nip nop was kicked by cuppajoeman
18:25:35 TF2Center: nip nop was banned from this Lobby by cuppajoeman

*DEAD* CreedAssassin : lol alex tryharding
*DEAD* CreedAssassin : what a loser

raisins: alex u are 100 special

*DEAD* coolpool221 : vey nice aimbot
coolpool221 : very

Big White Delight : geeze why do i always get the super dense hl players
*DEAD* Big White Delight : ares is trash anyways

*DEAD* Hootington III : WALLS LOL
*DEAD* Hootington III : HA

*DEAD* Hootington III : ares
*DEAD* Hootington III : abnned
*DEAD* Hootington III : ez
*DEAD* Hootington III : blatant fucking walls
Hootington III : pathetic
Hootington III : Red kick Ares cheating

TMP: Ok. So I'm drinking right now doing drunk tmp things
TMP: And then suddenly my mind drifts to the flamethrower

*DEAD* Spookwagen II : alex is hacking

bala *qt*: well women..
bala *qt*: just get money if you want women

(TEAM) sirkittycat772 : i named my recue ranger power ranger

*DEAD* Dotsy : dude sniping in pubs loool

knifer (deal with it) : yi mfriendly you try ahrd bitch

*DEAD* DeathButt985 : alex has killed me like three times in a row
*DEAD* DeathButt985 : jesus
(Voice) mushroom taco: Help!
*DEAD* DeathButt985 : gg fam

*DEAD* DeathButt985 : alex what the fuck
*DEAD* DeathButt985 : oof

Vegan : I'm vegan

*DEAD* godzilla : alex is too good
godzilla : 2gud

*DEAD*(TEAM) sorry : damn daniel i want to kill myself

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-s21 Salty Fish Balls
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-s25 Blackjack and Hookers

-s1 Snorlax use Hyperbeam

-s25 Oh my Banana
-s26 Deadb33f

-s12 Tea Party
-s13 Yammer slammerz

-s2 B-cubed
-s3 Cheg

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I follow your insta. Nice butt.
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Wanna ask you somthing
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plz put me in your salt quotes. kthxbai <3
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Added to steal your hud cause it look nice my guy
parge lenis Mar 29 @ 9:31pm