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Your Imperial Majesty Felipe the Great, 19 years old   Brazil
:lawman:i'd rather be honest than impressive, true friends never part :lawman:
:lilium:My loyalty is always my Great Honor! Glory for Brazil and Lucoa! :lilium:
:GERMANREICH:Hardware Enthusiast, active at the feeds and Screenshot Lover :GERMANREICH:
:csgostar: Honesty is the best policy. if i lose mine honor, i lose myself :csgostar:

Based And Redpilled!

Patriot ultra nationalist monarchist of ideology falangism,national-syndicalist movement, national socialism,fascism,traditionalism, social darwinism and integralism! (Some i just sympathize)




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Welcome to my profile new comrades and brothers, Glory for Greater Brazil!
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🜨▬ᛟ۩۩📝Kill them with success and bury them with a smile📀ᛟ۩

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:csgostar: :germanreich: Glory for The Eight-nation Alliance! :csgostar: :germanreich:

:exclamation: Before adding me, please i'll only accept if your profile looks decent or friendly, also if i add you it means that i like your profile and you seems friendly, also i'm always looking for new friendships, talking and sharing things, try your luck and add me, if you share the same interests than me like by exemple religion occultist or policy nationalist +history, there is 98% chances you be accepted in my friendlist, still depending

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:ankh2: Before adding me, please I'll only accept if your profile looks decent or friendly. Also if I add you, it means that I like your profile and you seem friendly, and I'm always looking for new friendships, talking and sharing things. Try your luck and add me if you share the same interests as me. For example in religion (I'm occultist) or policy

:germanreich: Long life the Kaiser Wilhelm ii, Franz Joseph i And Dom Pedro ii of Brazil!

:germanreich: Favorite female character: Lucoa Quetzalcoatl from anime Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

:germanreich: Countries that i like, admire and respect: Serbia, Netherlands, Greece, Finland,Germany, USA, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia,Republic Czech,Russia (empire), United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,Austria,Japan, a bit China (when were empire) Hungary, Romania, Syria, iraq, iran (empire persian), Egypt, Arabia Sauita, Algeria,Morocco, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Armenia, Georgia,Ukraine, Belgium, France (better it were monarchy), italy (my second homeland),Singapore, Thailand, indonesia, Malaysia,
Azerbaijan, South africa (before communism),iceland,Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia,Bosnia,Slovenia,Pakistan, india,kazakhstan,Luxemburgo,Lichtenstein, Australia, New Zealand,Philippines, Mongolia, Montenegro,Latvia,Lithuania,Estonia

:csgostar: i am great defender of my country Brazil, but i admire very european culture like germanic culture, slavic culture, turkic culture, also asian culture and culture of Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) and lots of more in it! :csgostar:

:radioactiveworld: Some interesting informations about me:

:lawman:🎂Birthday: 28 july (Coming in soon finally!)
:lawman:Nationality: Brazilian-italian
:lawman:Skin Color:White
:lawman:Hair: Normal Black
:lawman:Eyes: Normal Black
:lawman:Status Civil: Single
:lawman:Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
:lawman:Occupation: Hardware and software student, also student of biology, agriculture, technology, btw i do like study and love history + geopolitic as well
:lawman:Political Position: Third Position Nationalist and patriot monarchist, also traditionalist
:lawman: Policy view ideology: Ultra nationalism,social darwinism, organic democracy, natural good democracy,national conservatism, workism, militarism, economic nationalism,corporatism, agrarianism, monarchism, patriotism, traditionalism
:lawman:Religion: Occultism and spiritual esotericism, also i do like very buddism, paganism,esoteric christianity and taoism, indeed i do respect the traditional christianity
:lawman:Style genre music: Dance House/Eletronic Pop, Rap, Rock, Reggae, Freestyle, Break Dance, Synthwave/Retrowave, Classical, Patriotic Marches/Nationalist (mostly military), old or atual Anthems, Dubstep,Fashwave, Folk And something when it depends of my taste, i only like to listen more classic great songs of years 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's old 2000's, mostly dance house or anything that i can like btw
:lawman:Favorite genre game style: FPS, RTS, TPS
:lawman: Languages: Portuguese (Main), English (Getting better), a little spanish (i've thinking learn it a bit)
:lawman:Steam Member since 2009
:lawman:Zodiac Sign:♌Lion

:carmor1:My Status:
:idragon:Online: Just doing nothing or browing on internet or steam, sometimes looking someone for chatting or whatever
:Neptunes_Trident:Away: i am indeed not here or i leave my pc for sleeping
:mkb:in-game: Depending of game, i can asnwer or dont your message, if i see it first
:scx_basketball:Busy: i am busy studying or doing anything important, sometimes i can not see yor messages
:rusplane:Snooze: it means i may fall sleepy and leave pc
:ww2tank:Offline: i'm indeed sleeping and turn off the pc

:poolball8: Accessories:

:shockrisk: My PC SPECS:
CPU: Intel Core I7 3770 3.9ghz
RAM: 16 GB Gaming Hyperx
Case: Gaming Cyborg GA133
Monitor Gaming: S22E310
Motherbord: GA-H61M-S1
Keybord Gaming: TC199
Mouse Gaming: MO207
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Sound Card: SP 201 Multilaser
HDD: Seagate 500GB
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
PSU: 550 watts Real

:shockrisk: Router: TP-LINK Archer C60

:shockrisk: Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

:shockrisk: New Phone: Nokia Asha 302 (Classic gold still great)

Oh! looks you have read all this eh? have a great day! :v:
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i'm not trading nothing, just a showcase from my good items
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Whilst formulating ideas for the last P250 I submitted I mocked up a dragon version. Here is the fruits of my efforts. I’ve spent time working the line art into the mesh and fina
Status - Pending, Created by - The Honey Badger
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Recomendo totalmente esse jogo, ele é muito bom e bem divertido legal mais também as vezes você pode passar raiva kkkk ele é bem difícil e desafiante caso não saber jogar, se você já jogo road rash ele é bem desse estilo de jogo de moto aonde você pode bater e usar armas pra matar seus inimigos etc, não lembro se já tinha jogado o road rash 1 mais confesso que tentei outro estilo de jogo diferente e as vezes é bom fazer isso, e realmente gostei muito desse estilo, se você quer tetar outro estilo de jogo diferente recomendo esse é bem divertido e legal pra passar tempo!

Nota: 10/10


i do really recommend this game, hes very good and great game ever if you love racing bikes im sure that you will love this game, hes different from others normal, with this game you can beat and kill peoples with guns and anything else, but sometimes you can feel rage because its well hard and challenger, its simliar to game road rash 1 if you have played that or if you want try other style of game then i recommend this, its well fun and cool game also to play with friends, has co-op local, multiplayer and a nice story mode

Note: 10/10

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