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Felipe the Great, 18 years old   Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
:lawman:i'd rather be honest than impressive, true friends never part :lawman:
:lilium:My loyalty is always my Great Honor! Glory for Brazil! :lilium:
:GERMANREICH:Hardware Enthusiast, Ative at feeds and screenshot lover :GERMANREICH:
:csgostar: Honesty is the best policy. if i lose mine honor, i lose myself :csgostar:




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For God and by Nation! Glory for Slovakia, Glory for Brazil!
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🜨▬ᛟ۩۩📝Kill them with success and bury them with a smile📀ᛟ۩

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:exclamation: Recently i had deleted everyone in my friendlist so please dont get offended, i not did this for bullshit or any stupid reason, i was needing because my list was over big 790 friends, and also i was cleaning and making my profile better, i even did leave some groups then, too when you're add me, please read the other text below this, sometimes i can accept peoples with good looking profile steam or dont
:csgostar: Also Please Note my political views or religious views whatever does not effect nothing in our friendships, the iron cross german isn't a nazi symbol (been used as malta cross too), even some peoples getting offended because dont know the history german, i hated hitler because he was being bad leader for germany then he have done some things wrong, i only admire the 1th (holy roman german empire) and 2rd empire german + too kingdom of prussia, i am great lover of history and culture btw

My Biography
:ankh2:i am just other both casual and competitive gamer, my hobby and work is hardware, software, cybersecurity, agriculture (because i really love plants) and do other things as reading books (sometimes) if you are reading this and i have added you, feels free to accept me im well friendly and talkstive person anyways seaching for new friendships etc, however i am also :gmod:modder and learning for become a sfmmaker, who knows on future become also a artist visual, but too i am trying make plans for become computer tech or hardware engineer (IT Technology) for working and have maybe as other profission: agricultor/farmer because agriculture is great and well easy for planting, too amazing relaxing :v:

:germanreich: Long life the Kaiser Wilhelm ii, Franz Joseph i And Dom Pedro ii of Brazil! :germanreich:

:csgostar: i am great defender of european culture like germantic culture, slavic culture and lots of more in it! :csgostar:

:radioactiveworld: Some interesting informations about me:

:lawman:🎂Birthday: 28 july (Coming in soon i'll complete 19 years old)
:lawman:Nationality: Brazilian-italian (come in line from my grandfather, grandmother and also from my mother)
:lawman:Skin Color:White
:lawman:Hair: Normal Black
:lawman:Eyes: Normal Balck
:lawman:Status Civil: Single
:lawman:Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
:lawman:Occupation: Hardware and software student, also student of biology, agriculture, technology, btw i do like study and love history + geopolitic as well
:lawman:Political Position: Third Position Nationalist and patriot monarchist, also traditionalist
:lawman:Religion: Occultism and spiritual esotericism, also i do like very buddism, paganism,esoteric christianity and taoism, indeed i do respect the traditional christianity
:lawman:Style genre music: Dance House/Eletronic Pop, Rap, Rock, Reggae, Freestyle, Break Dance, Synthwave/Retrowave, Classical, Patriotic Marches/Nationalist, old Anthems, Dubstep,Fashwave, Folk And something when it depends of my taste, i only like to listen more classic great songs of years 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's old 2000's, mostly dance house or anything that i can like btw
:lawman:Favorite genre game style: FPS, RTS, TPS
:lawman: Languages: Portuguese (Main), English (Getting better), a little spanish (i've thinking learn it a bit)
:lawman:Steam Member since 2009
:lawman:Zodiac Sign:♌Lion

:carmor1:My Status:
:idragon:Online: Just doing nothing or browing on internet or steam, sometimes looking someone for chatting or whatever
:Neptunes_Trident:Away: i am indeed not here or i leave my pc for sleeping
:mkb:in-game: Depending of game, i can asnwer or dont your message, if i see it first
:scx_basketball:Busy: i am busy studying or doing anything important, sometimes i can not see yor messages
:rusplane:Snooze: it means i may fall sleepy and leave pc
:ww2tank:Offline: i'm indeed sleeping and turn off the pc

:poolball8: About adding me: (You can ignore this if i add you)

:csgostar: For now i'm not very interested in making new friends unless, if
if you have a nice profile and seems friendly + active on comments like ''wishing have a nice weekend'' ''or at friends's feeds'', i won't more accept so very peoples as i do before, its just waste of time becausee some of you add me only because i am high level on steam and wants me to be part of your crap friendlist and without at less talk anything to me or whatever, i already got very problems on steam community as false friends, stupid idiots and retarded scammers/or beggers, you may know its so sad and stupid this situation that we are getting, the community of steam is becoming facebook, but sure not about all, just some, so i hope you understand me

:csgostar: Also please if you was accepted to my friendlist and its heart collector/emotion artwork, i do share heart as well, but dont spam in my profile with 5 comments, 1 is already enough!

:csgostar: Ah and too stop invting me to crap groups, even if you're my friend, i'm not interested in joining groups, also dont sent me invite to cs go, even that i play this game all days but i'm not interested in play with someone, and i stop with competitive by cause trash smurfs and some cheaters are destroying the game, too uncless if i have interess will tell to you if i want

:poolball8: Accessories:

:shockrisk: My PC SPECS:
CPU: i5-3330 3.20GHZ
RAM: 16 GB Gaming Hyperx
Case: Gaming Cyborg GA133
Monitor Gaming: S22E310
Motherbord: GA-H61M-S1
Keybord Gaming: TC199
Mouse Gaming: MO207
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Sound Card: SP 201 Multilaser
PSU: 500 watts

:shockrisk: Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

:shockrisk: Old Phone: Nokia Asha 201

Oh! looks you have read all this eh? have a great day! :v:
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