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During my gaming career saved the princess at least hundred times and still not sure if the cake was a lie. :p2cube:

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For South Park fans a MUST PLAY game
The intention of the creators was simple - it must be essentially playable southpark tv show. And they did it. It is all there - the jokes, the absurdities, simply all that we love about the show. Since it is an essentially a playable episode of South Park, it has the absolutely amazing story that drives you through the game. But the game isnt just the story, it is also the fine RPG system and the turn-based Heroes like battles. You (your character) choose a class at the game beginning (most definetly choose to play as Jew :D ) level up, gain and equip new armors and weapons and battle along chosen, our favourite and beloved characters from the tv show. Each character has his own special abilities, weapons so there is an level of "strategy" to your fights. Enough said. NAGASAKI FART!!!

GOOD things:
  • Essentially interactive South Park Episode = typical jokes
  • Quite long story = i think that without the achievement hunting it took me 20h
  • Casual - Easy to play, no hardcore skill to learn
BAD things:
  • Not everybody likes South Park, i guess they might think the game is as stupid as the show

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