Crystal The Hunter
Discord: Crystal#6661   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Look at "read before adding" box before considering adding me.
I will be very inactive due to exams, Sorry!

My Discord []
my pfp is from The binding of isaacs delirium, if you was wondering.
Zurzeit online
Read before adding!
Not a good talker
if you think im not interested is because im not good at speaking with other people, but i am good at discussing Games and Technology.

I am not a furry
i have no interest of being a furry, or pretending to be a animal. I will not decline friend requests aslong as they are within Rule 1 and 2 i wont deny you but if you dont give a reason for commenting or messaging me the reason why then i will ignore you

I will not advertise
I dont care of what you are going to pay or how you are i will never advertise unless i am partnered with it eg: Youtube Or Discord

Rules for adding me:
(If you want to trade look at rule 6) above level 5 and do not have a private profile
2.comment before adding not send me links unless they are screenshots
4.if i remove you for some reason comment that i did not add me just to trade use this link:
(i only take pure in trades.)

My mains on tf2
Scout Soldier Engineer and Sniper

For MvM
Engineer and Soldier

My Pc specs
AMD FX(tm)-8300 8 Core Processor
Gtx 1050 Ti 4Gb
16Gb ram
5Tb Storage
A 60 Hz Moniter
A Drevo mechanical keyboard
A technet wireless mouse

Twitch Acc:

I support Esports Eu team for Csgo and tf2!
Tf2 premium for 6 years now! (On other accounts)

Scam log. Artwork scam attempt Phish Site scam Attempt Admin impersonation
(Community ban! About time...) Trying to send Tf2 website Scam links Impersonation of a big trader trying to scam by faking pretty much everything lol trying to steal items by saying he is a admin
Gegenstände zum Handeln
Gegenstände im Besitz
This is pure only!

Shotgun for 55 Keys
Stickybomb is 50 Keys

I have a total Of 12 keys i will update this every saturday for a more accurate stat go to: )

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Bingo Bongo 2. Nov. um 8:49 Uhr 
what is my boy shadow on about lads
Crystal The Hunter 2. Nov. um 6:00 Uhr 
this chat fitted halloween because it is pretty dead tbh :alyx:
Hey over there 2. Okt. um 5:16 Uhr 
just leave me alone, you cant do anything for me, even you would, it doesnt help me that much you maybe think, even you say u are here for me, just leave me, it would be the best..
Bingo Bongo 1. Okt. um 9:17 Uhr 
zero dont he is a scammer
!Nod Narb 1. Okt. um 5:40 Uhr 
Added for friendly purposes
Zer[O] 1. Okt. um 0:05 Uhr 
i cant send you offer directly please accept my friend request nod norb told me about you