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I'm currently taking a break from development and server maintenance.

You'll find me on World Of Warcraft Sephie#2595

If you need help with my addons please submit a ticket on gmodstore, or comment in the workshop

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This has been completely recoded and rereleased by myself.

This is a script/addon for Prop Hunt (any version)

I used Vash's addon for a while now but unfortunately Vash ceased any development last year and the addon has sadly beca
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Created by - Rainbow and Xaymar
Please comment before you add me
Just a regular guy who happens to like guys. ;)

●▬▬▬▬▬▬ FAQ ▬▬▬▬▬▬●

Q: Do I own Hybrid Networks?
A: Yup

Q: I need help with one of your addons!
A: Please visit either gmodstore or the workshop where you recieved the addon, and
make a ticket/comment for support.

Q: Will you give me admin?
A: No.

Q: Can I add you?
A: Sure.

Q: Are you recruiting staff?
A: No.

Q: I want to complain about someone/something.
A: Please visit gmodstore and submit a ticket.

Q: Do you suck dick?
A: Apparently I do.

●▬▬▬ What do I do ▬▬▬▬●

I am currently a addon developer for Garrys Mod and other various games.

IRL I work in Heath working 50 hours a week, as you can imagine, working for 50 hours and developing, take up alot of my time.

●▬▬▬ Servers ▬▬▬▬●

Here's my current live server, come and have fun!

There are currently no live servers, stay tuned.

●▬▬▬ Addons ▬▬▬▬●

Custom Prop Hunt Taunt Menu. (200+ Taunts!)

All other addons have been removed from the workshop to be restructered under
the new GRDP regulations.

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Altair ( 1-3 month vacation) Apr 18 @ 10:48am 
Dear rainbow , i am asking you to lift the ban hammer on me it was given by carlos ill give more information when you are online and if you are not busy the reason [HN]carlos perma ban me cause i was a nuisance and he also had problems with the cars so i just destroy them so he was mad and show him that the cars were glitching
Fucking Albanian forest man Apr 18 @ 8:14am 
Just seems like a darkrp server disguised as a sandbox server with restrictive rules, 70% of pop are admins or staff etc. oh and no good sandbox server uses bigcity
rainbow i need help
[DK] Philster06 Apr 13 @ 5:06am 
Rainbow Please Accept My Friend
Aragon Mar 16 @ 10:38am 
+rep noice guy