"Wanderers want to sample a little bit of everything. The galaxy is vast and they want to experience it all"
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Greetings fellow internet wanderer! I'm FissionMetroid101 or Szraneraxtq. I do particle work such as the effects seen in koth_probed, pd_watergate, koth_trainsawlaser, koth_wubwubwub, and Final Destination 2015 as well as modeling and animation. Especially in ways that can bring a character to life like with the Photoshop Flowey seen below! I am currently the lead porter of Splatoon content and hope to make people happy with them.

10:43 PM - FissionMetroid101: Sometimes I just don't know about this engine. It's like riding a rollar coaster in the dark except it's in the midst of a dense jungle so you're beaten to death by a thousand branches to the face
10:43 PM - [UEAK]Crash: hahaha
10:43 PM - [UEAK]Crash: sounds about right
10:43 PM - [UEAK]Crash: it's like riding a roller coaster but there's no chain pulling you up so you have to push your cart up yourself
10:43 PM - [UEAK]Crash: and then you get up there and maybe you can get in fast enough and buckle in
10:44 PM - [UEAK]Crash: or maybe you get up there and find out there's no track at the bottom of the hill anyway
10:45 PM - [UEAK]Crash: or you get up there, make it in, ride down, have an awesome ride all the way until the end and then you find out there is a brick wall instead of a terminal
10:47 PM - [UEAK]Crash: but if you're lucky and have enough momentum you might smash through and avoid taking too many bricks to the face

11:00 PM - [UEAK]Crash: and then you finally get off the coaster, walk down the platform, and there's no steps leading down, so you have to climb down and it's all thorny bushes and shit
11:00 PM - [UEAK]Crash: and you're like "god dammit, I'm never going to ride this again"
11:00 PM - [UEAK]Crash: and then you get right back in the queue
11:01 PM - [UEAK]Crash: the ramblings of a sleep deprived abuse victim of Valve's

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Treeman14 14 hours ago 
hiiii, you've probably never heard of me but I'm tre. I really look up to you and think you're pretty rad, mainly cause without your ports the whole gmod or sfm community probably wouldn't even be here.
EpicZAP Nov 14 @ 12:30pm 
hey have u heard of Henry's Animation Tool? its an amazing tool that lets u animate ANYTHIN U FRICKEN WANT(EVERYTHING-COMPATIBLE) so i think u should check it out
Shmeerz Nov 6 @ 12:37pm 
Wake up the "Sleeping Giant"!
Tobbby™ (impersonated) Oct 24 @ 12:23pm 
It looks like the ghost claw animation on the Ancient Eldritch and Eldritch Flame doesn't work anymore. Couldn't find any reason why in the particle editor. Any ideas?
ʷᵒᵃʰ Oct 9 @ 1:25pm 
added becuse im doom/splatoon trash like you and your models seem good (tbh EA is♥♥♥♥♥♥
╓м o o n ι g н т╖ Oct 6 @ 3:39am 
Hi, I want to add you to talk and ask for the blend files of your model, if that's okay, Crowbar doesn't seem to like decompiling your models and your friend (I won't say names to protect them, but I'll tell you in private), is honestly worried, when they told me about the situation I got worried to and I just want to make sire you're okay and help you. If you don't wanna add me it's fine, I also followed you on Twitter if you prefer talking there, if not, please tell that friend you're okay.
Best wishes and luck. :heart_abs: