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Slpslpslp~ I'm a shark who likes to *chomp* and *slpslpslp*
Sorry, i'm already taken by ♥My wife♥ <--- I got her Prego®. She's the only one who can make this shark happy
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Oh hai
Helloooooooo~ I'm David(the slpslpslp guy). I'm usually a quiet guy unless my special bby is around heehee~
Most likely if you get to know me I tend to say slpslpslp more than any other word so you'll have to get use to that. I really love programming though(I nerd out sometimes when I talk to people). I tend to work on projects with a small amount of people. I mostly work on game related programming(I love making games!!!).

Now lets have a Q/A because I get asked these questions a lot:
Which programming languages do you know?: C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Actionscript, Sourcepawn, C, Perl, Lua...*brain explodes* TOO MUCH THINKING

When did you start programming?: Around the age of 8-10. So i've been programming for about uhhh...nearly 8 years now

Are you and sinful mario actually in a relationship?: We are married!!!111!!!!!!one!!!

How do I solve this programming problem...: Ask me and i'll do my best to help you

Do you like dongs?: Yes, don't steal my dongs they're mine! And my bbys!

How did you learn to program?: From a young age I was always curious about stuff on computers. "OMG WTF THAT'S SO KWL!" So I was curious on how to make an EXE. With a little bit of programming I got setup with an IDE and started from there. I kept trying new things and seeing what I can do. I'm mostly self-taught so my methods are probably really bad and don't follow what everone else does.

Can I add you?: Yus go right ahead. Friends are kwl!

Where is your avatar from?: It's from an anime called "Nichijou" or "My Ordinary Life". I'm too lazy to check if that's right.

When does this end?: Now
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+rep knows c++ is better than javascript 😎
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-rep thinks c++ is better than javascript 😈
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Yeah I Want To Be Friends. Yeah I want to meet a shark.