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[h1]Burn the specific DarkRP team that engages into the sunlight (SkyBox)[/h1]

Step 1. Extract the addon using GMAD.exe
Step 2. Add your team/s to the list
Step 3. Add it to your /garrysmod/lua/autorun/server
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Created by - Wacko
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Created by - popcornman812
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In the old out with the new! A guide on how to get the better, more superior steam UI! No need to stress and hear that ugly new call sound that breaks speakers take action now!

Thank you wacko for spamming the guide in every game! If you are having diff
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ExplodeThePenguins Apr 25 @ 4:36pm 
Need to put you on a diet
popcornman812 Mar 24 @ 7:50pm 
gn1 :(
gassed up Mar 9 @ 3:20am 
i add u for good time :steammocking:
blaq cat. Feb 2 @ 6:49pm 
+rep Weebs r gya
popcornman812 Feb 2 @ 6:47pm 
+rep Doesnt help weebs, they deserve their life support to be plugged in whilst they are in the bath with a toaster.
Chairman Mao Feb 2 @ 6:08am 
-rep tried to point something out and said dont help weebs.