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I can smell your stench from far away, meat. :Darkwolf:

... Ale ne, duše má, čeho ses lekla
- očistce, mučení, plamenů pekla?
to je moc humánní mírné a všední...
Jak bude po smrti? Tak jako před ní

J.H. Krchovský

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Darkwood is one of the best games I've ever played. Topdown horror masterpiece.

It is so unique, thrilling challenging and creepy in its own way. Finished playing on all 3 difficulties and enjoyed every playthrough.
Story is about a man. A man who is lost. His only way back is the damn door. But he lost the key. Will he be able to get his key back? Who the hell took it? What is he going to do when the night comes? What is hiding in the trees..?

There are many questions you can have about darkwood, keep exploring and you might eventually find your answers. This game awards you for being curious. Also mushrooms. There are many mushrooms...

Now to the gameplay itself. Meele combat might be a bit annoying at first but you will eventually get used to it. Wandering around throughout the day might get a bit repetitive to someone, it really depends on how quickly you go through the game and how aggressively you play. When the night comes, barricading your own hideout might come in handy. Throw molotovs, put down traps, shoot, smash, poison enemies to get yourself out of danger, it is completely up to You.

Cooking meat that drops from enemies, mushrooms or other things gets you experience. Skill tree is very unique and it doesnt give you only positive traits but negative ones aswell.

What I like the most about this game is probably Music and Sound Effects. They are so well done that you actually feel like being in that forest. It's what makes darkwood so creepy.

NPC's have great personalities. Each one of them has a different story and trust me, most of them have a lot to hide. There are multiple endings, ways to get out of the forest. Amount of side quests is also great.

Crafting and inventory system is a bit different from other games, but shouldnt be a big struggle.

I highly recommend this game, I got it for like 8 bucks, still playing till now. Easy to run, high fps all the time.
You should buy it just because it is one of the most unique games you can get on the market. It was definetly worth it for me. 9/10 Excellent!
Wolf of the night <3
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