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Invisible Camouflaged Gamer 19 sept. à 23h50 
smh taking 10 hrs to accept a friend invite over steam..
Invisible Camouflaged Gamer 13 sept. à 19h22 
Beast* and HA
jmoh 1 sept. à 21h35 
ur a great mod man.
Reh🎃 30 août à 0h27 
best mod na
Midrellos 2 août à 18h44 
♥♥♥♥ people hate you your an all a round good guy in my opinion +rep
Killers04/20 19 juil. à 4h05 
What is your problem? First you do something that's moderately trash, then you decide to ban me permanently without a warning? I've seen people say KYS on garry's mod for years m8, and now this? It's actually ridiculous. i'm going to send you a friend request for the rest of my life until you decide you can explain to me why you decided to hate me this much.