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Hi! I'm Robokid. You may know me as the person who was threatened with legal action by PixelTailGames, or as the person you just wiped the floor with in L4D2 Versus. Either way if you want to talk, feel free to add me.
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If you don't feel like reading all of my thoughts on GMT, TU, and PixelTail Games (PTG), then just know that this game isn't worth buying, and you should just play something like VRChat.

Let's start with GMT, Lobby 1.

GMT had a great design of an always active social gamemode that relied on a healthy community. To earn GMC, you had to interact with people to get games going, which you could then use to buy furniture for your suite, which allowed others to interact with you in your own little apartment.

Lobby 1, was perfect. Completely, 100% perfect. It might not have been the prettiest, but it perfectly complimented the formula by having you in an enclosed (besides lakeside and the pool) tower that didn't have much room to stray away from people. As soon as you stepped into the lobby and turned left, everything you wanted would be just a simple walk straight ahead, or turn right or left. And no matter which way you looked, you were bound to see at least one person. It being small might not be something that everyone liked, but it made it so even with the server at half capacity (64 players in OG GMT) you would see people everywhere no matter what was going on. It also had seasonal lobbies just to get everyone hyped up for when the christmas and halloween seasons were arriving.

Then, Lobby 2 was announced, and people were excited. A fresh, big new lobby that was so pretty!

But the problem is, Lobby 2 was when GMod Tower was starting to die. A new lobby wasn't needed at all. Yeah, it is gorgeous for a GMod map, and it is really big, but both those things combined only caused problems for both the gameplay design, and the developers themselves. It caused it to still, to this day, never get finished. You might say, "PTG said it was because Lobby 2 was at Source Engine's limits. Nothing else could be added into it."

Edit: Source Engine limits for GMod were only raised recently, but I still know that more things could have been added to GMT Lobby 1. Maybe nothing as much as GMT: Deluxe, but GMT not being able to handle anything more was greatly exaggerated. And even if Lobby 2 was at it's limits then, more could be done for gamemodes. It was only the Lobby that was ♥♥♥♥ed.

That's not true as of late at least, GMT: Deluxe, a fan rehost which got shut down after 3 days via DMCA by Mac, was Lobby 2 but finished, with even more things added to GMT. The simple answer is that the PTG devs couldn't keep developing without getting any money, which is understandable. But then they said they'd also just shut down GMT. They could have passed down the torch to someone else, or just left it running with no developers like they're doing for GMT: Reunion right now. (Except that's worse than anything we've had before.) But they didn't.

And as I've said before, Lobby 2 in itself was directly messing with the formula that GMT was surviving on. It being big and having plenty of open empty areas with nothing to do there just messed with things even more.

Then TU came out. And there is nothing left of the design that made GMT great anymore.

Everything can be accessed by menu's without interacting with anyone. Literally every single thing in this game, besides laser tag and minigames in the lobby, can be done without interacting with anyone. While this is a great feature for a normal videogame, this is a horrible feature for a game that tries to market itself as a social game, with an already dying community.

Don't even get me started either on how easy it is to get everything you want in this game. Because you don't need to interact with anyone to get money, you can pretty much grind Ball Race for 20 hours to get a million units, buy everything you want, and then not play again. Everything is horribly cheap compared to how easily you can get money, and it doesn't help that half the server population of lobbies will be in the casino at all times, not talking to anyone and just racking up units.

Now, before you read this next part, remember that I'm not saying this just because I got DMCA'ed by Mac. Rehosting GMT was just a part of my life that i'm not in anymore. I backed this game back in 2016, with hope and love for PTG, and i've changed my mind since then.

PTG, killed GMT. PTG, doomed TU to fail. PTG, has made every single possible bad decision they could make. I don't know what's going on in their heads, what they're doing in the dev voice rooms, but I know that GMT is dead, and TU will never be good, or as good as GMT once was, and is doomed to fail. I've seen people call this a successor to GMT, but this is nothing of what made GMT great.

I have more I could say, but I don't feel like it's relevant to the game, so i'm not going to put it here. In conclusion, and to shorten this entire essay of a review, this game sucks ♥♥♥.

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