The Renegadist
A White-Hot Night of Hate!   California, United States
Collector of Vinyl Records --- Connoisseur of Skunks :Skunk:

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Other Aliases Throughout My Time On The Internet: O'Nesix, Skitch, Daywatch, MaxOut, MaimedSoldier, M@!m3d$0ld!3r, DeathWish, Spelling Naz!, The Hidden's Lawyer, R@!nb0w !n Th3 D@rk, Bone Smasher, H3rp D3rp, & Chr0n0Tr!gg3r

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Note: Drop a comment on my profile as to why you're adding me, if I don't see a comment on my profile it will be ignored. I'm also not taking any requests from people adding me from my streams unless we're close friends, nothing personal of course but if I add a few people then I have to add everybody.
People I know are the only exception to the above.

If I remove you from my friend list don't take it personally, I only keep people on who I know personally or I keep in touch with/play games with often.
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sarah Nov 28 @ 3:32am 
The Renegadist Nov 28 @ 12:36am 
You may remember the
sarah Nov 27 @ 9:58pm 
did you know that the
Xen Oct 13 @ 7:42am 
Still mad? lol
DAMN DANIEL Sep 15 @ 11:05am 
The Renegadist Sep 14 @ 9:17pm 
Major bummer, thanks for getting back to me Vinex.