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NOTE: If you add me as a friend, and you want to trade, then know that I'm not easily fooled by wannabe scammers. So if you want to get reported, feel free to add me.
Otherwise if you add me as a friend with some real reason, then you are welcome!

I want to trade / gift wrap the following items / sets:

Bones of the Slain Dragon Set (Dragon Knight)
Inscribed Flowing Entropy Set (Spectre)
Light of the Solar Divine Set (Lina)
Obsidian Guard Set (Outworld Devourer)
Inscribed Atomic Ray Thrusters (Gyrocopter)

Looking for these items / sets:

Darkclaw Emissary Set (Dazzle)
Swine of the Sunken Galley Set (Techies)
Bonkers the Mad (Witch Doctor)
Volatile Firmament Set (Spectre)
The Undying Light (Omniknight)
Ironbarde Charger (Spirit Breaker)
Forgotten Renegade (Keeper of the Light)
Apex Explorer (Batrider)
The Silver Fox (Sniper)

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I'm a guy who translates videogames. Will update this info later

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+rep, its a person which has all similar properties with words " dear friend " :cybereye:
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