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Posted: Jan 4, 2020 @ 6:12am
Updated: Jul 20 @ 2:30am

When my friend recommended this game to me, I did not like it. I do not like horror games, but then I got it during the winter sale to try it out, and it is actually fun. The more you play the game, the less scary it gets. The gameplay is very fun, especially if you play with friends. I recommend this game, and even if you do not like horror games, just stick with it and it will soon not be like a horror game at all anymore.

You can play both as a survivor and as a killer. Both are very fun, but as you move up the ranks as killer, it gets very hard because you will be matched up with people who are 10 ranks better than you almost every match, and you will not be able to rank up most of your matches.
I think that they need to buff the killer in some ways because eventually it gets too hard to continue playing. However, playing as a survivor is way different. You can rank up most of your matches, and sometimes you will be matched up with a beginner killer when you are around purple ranks, and that is just too easy.

I absolutely recommend the game, but I recommend that you play with friends. If you are going to play killer, prepare to get outplayed once you have moved up the ranks. At first, it will be easy, but then you will be stuck and it will not be fun anymore.
Still, it's a very good game. 9/10

(Edit) Hitboxes are absolute garbage, so be prepared to get hit through windows/pallets/walls quite often as survivor, and to sometimes miss clear hits as killer.
Not only that, but sometimes, pallets can't be dropped at all, and Dead Hard can't be activated no matter when or how many times you press the correct button.
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