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History (dates in MM/DD/YYYY)
Imperium Verum joined 4/1/20

7.Fuß: Joined 4/4/20
49th: Stepped down from Col/LtCol on 2/10/2019
Started 9/14/17

Arma 3
A member of the 25th Panzergrenadiers until it disbanded
Briefly a member of the Spanish Volunteers

33y: Disbanded 6/25/17 as Sgt
63e: Left 5/31/17 as SoP/Rsv
RIA: Disbanded 7/15/16 as Col
49th: Disbanded 6/21/16 as Col
63e: left 1/2/16 as SoD
KPR: left 10/28/15
49th: disbanded 9/29/15 as SSgt
63e: left 7/13/15 as Cvl
I started around 5/10/15

(No particular order, 2015-2017)
Antioch: Disbanded
House Lannister: Disbanded
Xia: Disbanded
Kingdom of England: Disbanded
Poland: Disbanded
Holy Roman Empire: Disbanded

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Those are fighting words, punk.
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What he said v
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I love farting after eating Taco Bell.
The4sianGuy Jun 2, 2019 @ 12:57pm 
I love your greens