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• I do NOT accept random friends request with no reason on my comments of why you wanna add me..I will ignore it unless you're friends with lover bear or friends in common
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• Do NOT Harassed/Sexual Harassment/Threatening me, to my friends, or lover...Blocked and Reported
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:5Star:• If you only want to start drama/unfriended me or my Dovah over old drama, you're a pathetic friend. The past is the past. If you can't accept people don't like each other within reason then screw the devil in hell.

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Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: January 16th
Relationship: Taken (My Devilish Boyfriend~ :deaths:)
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Sir ParZival Akira 13 hours ago 
spinny roundy
Stab stab stab >;3
Sir ParZival Akira 13 hours ago 
now i cant stop thinkin of the leviathan axe in gmod
Sir ParZival Akira 13 hours ago 
it's not c_hands, wish it was. then the whip fists would be the blades of chaos
Oh dear god, don't blow up the world! xD
Sir ParZival Akira 13 hours ago 
welp, off to gmod to test the prototype weapons with kratos