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Demon princess :Beebz_ThumbsUp:
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My Lovely MvM Loot!
Mecha Engine
Tour 8 - Australium Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 26 - Gold Botkiller Wrench

Two Cities
Tour 8 - Professional Killstreak Shotgun Kit Fabricator (Singularity, Agonizing Emerald)
Tour 15 - Australium Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 20 - Profesional Killstreak Cow Mangler 5000 Kit Fabricator (Singularity, Team Shine)
Tour 34 - Professional Killstreak Black Box Kit Fabricator (Fire Horns, Manndarin)
Tour 45 - Professional Killstreak Dragon's Fury Kit Fabricator (Fire Horns, Team Shine)
Tour 46 - Professional Killstreak Three-Rune Blade Kit Fabricator (Tornado, Hot Rod)
Tour 49 - Professional Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr Kit Fabricator (Singularity, Team Shine)
Tour 54 - Australium Black Box
Tour 56 - Professional Killstreak Big Kill Kit Fabricator (Tornado, Agonizing Emerald)
Tour 62 - Professional Killstreak Conscientious Objector Kit Fabricator (Cerebral Discharge, Manndarin)
Tour 68 - Professional Killstreak Fortified Compound Kit Fabricator (Incinerator, Hot Rod)
Tour 71 - Professional Killstreak Huntsman Kit Fabricator (Flames, Mean Green)
Tour 90 - Professional Killstreak Market Gardener Kit Fabricator (Incinerator, Manndarin)

Gear Grinder
Tour 6 - Australium Tomislav
Tour 11 - Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower
Tour 18 - Diamond Botkiller Rocket Launcher
Tour 28 - Diamond Botkiller Flame Thrower
Tour 32 - Diamond Botkiller Sniper Rifle
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IamChingBing 2024년 7월 13일 오전 9시 06분 
Fellow shark teeth enjoyer :3 thats why
Zombina 2024년 7월 12일 오전 8시 21분 
Been watching you for over 2 years and i really enjoy the mvm videos u got me into mvm and i dont being ashamed to use gas passer anymore thanks brickbrock <3
Soldier Man YT #FixTF2 2024년 7월 11일 오후 9시 19분 
Menor are you projecting? Are you actually all the things that you accuse people of being? Or are you always so butthurt over nothing that you jump to the pedo card by default?
Brickbrock 2024년 7월 11일 오후 7시 13분 
Because it’s amusing to watch you three squirm with your uninspired jabs at me thinking that they’ll upset me. But that amusement has run dry, and I grow bored, so I’m afraid you three are going to be slapped with some Brick-Blocks now. Toodles! :Luci_LOL:
menor__28 2024년 7월 11일 오후 6시 31분 
if we're such bad trolls why do you feel the need to respond
Kurumesu 2024년 7월 11일 오후 6시 28분 
Man, and I thought I had bad trolls on my profile. Seems you attract them as well Brick