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R.I.P. Brandon.

The night before his wedding, musician Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and his fiancée are brutally murdered by members of a violent inner-city gang. On the anniversary of their death, Eric rises from the grave and assumes the gothic mantle of the Crow, a supernatural avenger. Tracking down the thugs responsible for the crimes and mercilessly murdering them, Eric eventually confronts head gangster Top Dollar (Michael Wincott) to complete his macabre mission.

The following scenes were completed after Brandon Lee's death:

-Draven first enters the apartment after digging himself out of his grave: footage of Lee walking through an alley in the rain was digitally composed into the scene where he walks through the doorway. Computer technology added drops of water to the door frame to make the water on his back not seem out of place.

-The shot of Draven falling from the window was made by digitally composing Lee's face (complete with simulated blood) onto a body double.

-The scene where Draven puts on his make-up was filmed using a double. The face in the smashed mirror was Lee's, computer-altered to fit the shards. The image of Draven walking towards the window with the crow on his shoulder was a double with Lee's face added during lightning flashes.

-When Sarah visits the apartment, we never see Draven's face as it is a double.

James O'Barr stated on the Crow DVD that when he met the movie's executives, they originally wanted to make this a musical staring Michael Jackson. He immediately laughed uncontrollably thinking it was a joke, only to find that they were quite serious. It was only until Brandon Lee and Alex Proyas came on board that the movie took a more serious role.

"So spake the Cherub, and his grave rebuke. Severe in youthful beauty, added grace. Invincible: abash the Devil stood, and felt how awful goodness is, and saw virtue in her shape, how lovely. Saw and pin'd his loss, but chiefly to find here observed his lustre visibly impaired, yet seemed"

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the bar with Gideon when the black guy pours Gideon a drink it is only about 1/3 full. When Gideon drinks it in the next shot it is almost full.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Brandon walks in on Top Dollar's meeting and there's a big shoot out, the guy in the trousers with hearts on them gets shot and killed, but a few seconds later you see him again shooting at Eric.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Eric kidnaps T-Bird and forces him to drive the hot-rod to the dock, Eric holds a large silver revolver up to T-Bird's head, then removes a black automatic from T-Bird's hand and drops it into the front floorboard. A few moments into the chase we see Eric holding the black automatic to the side of T-Bird's head, and the silver revolver is gone.

Audio problem: There is a scene where Eric is following the crow through a dark room. The camera trails off to show the crow's shadow and there is a sound as of wings fluttering yet the shadow is perfectly still.

Visible crew/equipment: When Lee shoots Fun Boy, Fun Boy falls backwards on to the bed. His leg flies up, and you can clearly see the cord coming from his pants that is attached to the fake blood bag.

Other mistake: The crow leads Eric along a rooftop at the start in the pouring rain and down into a building. However, as Eric is walking into the building there are no wet marks from his soaking wet boots.

Continuity mistake: When Lee takes T-Bird in his car and the chase with the Police begins, the camera flashes to look at the chase through the eyes of the crow, the Police cars emergency lights are strobes, but when the camera reverts back to the chase scene they are the old style rotating flashers.

Continuity mistake: When Eric reaches forward to touch Top Dollar's face to show him Shelley's thirty hours of suffering, he reaches up with his right hand, but in the next shot, his left hand is on Top Dollar's face followed by his right hand.

The Crow mistake picture
Continuity mistake: The can Albrecht drops on the floor when Eric visits moves places without anyone touching it. When Eric says about the hat still being on it's on the wooden flooring. When he walks past to read the file a few minutes later the can is on the carpet.

The Crow mistake picture
Continuity mistake: Top Dollar shows a snow globe to a female companion near the start. Her grip on the snow globe changes instantly. In some shots she has her fingers on the glass and not in others.

Continuity mistake: When Sara is going to the abandoned building and takes off some wood pieces, the gap between the pieces increases between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Eric puts Fun Boy in the tub and runs the water on him the shower head changes position between shots.

The Crow mistake picture
Continuity mistake: When Sarah is skateboarding, and the guy in the car yells at her to get out of the road, she pushes with her right foot and has her left foot in front (a "Regular" stance), but in the next shot she is riding "goofy" stance (right foot front), with no time to change stances.

Deliberate mistake: When the crow drops Shelley's ring into Sarah's hand at the end of the film, the sound of metal upon metal is heard.

Continuity mistake: Officer Albrecht gets out his car and takes aim at Eric from behind the car door. The camera changes and Albrecht is walking forward without closing the car door or going round it.

Continuity mistake: When Gideon is in the bar, he takes the top off the bottle just as the other bloke grabs it. The second bloke then proceeds to take the top off the bottle again.

The Crow mistake picture
Revealing mistake: When Draven sends T-bird to his death in his car, the real Ford Thunderbird is replaced by a fake mockup using a flimsy one-piece fiberglass body mounted on a pair of straight axles. When it explodes, the body lifts off in one piece, warping wildly while the front axle simply falls away. No proper car components like engine, transmission, suspension and so on, are seen anywhere, though they should be.

Continuity mistake: When Eric is about to leave Gideon, he points the shotgun at him, then holds it vertically. Just after he says "your job is to tell the rest of them..." we see a shot of Gideon, and the barrel of the shotgun is visible in the top left corner, pointing at him again. Back to Eric, and the shotgun's still vertical.

Continuity mistake: Watch T Bird's facial scars, they change from small to big throughout the police chase.

Plot hole: Eric and Shelly were killed because they were trying to fight tenant eviction. Yet, a year later the building is seemingly abandoned. Eric and Shelly's stuff is even still there. So what were they killed for if nothing was ever done with the building?

Continuity mistake: The amount of make-up on Eric's face changes within each scene.

Continuity mistake: When Funboy gets shot in the leg it hits his right, he is then shown clutching his bloody left leg and then his right when he is dragged into the bathroom. It goes back and forth like this.

Continuity mistake: When Sarah is sitting at the Hot Dog stand near the beginning of the movie, her hood changes from being up and down without her touching it.

Continuity mistake: Eric smashes the door to Gideon's Pawn Shop and stays outside. The shot shows Gideon on the floor then Eric about 6 foot inside the door. Not enough time has passed for him to get that far.

Continuity mistake: After Eric spreads gas(or something ignitable), he leaves Gideon's Pawn Shop with the shotgun full of rings. When standing outside, he shoots the shotgun into the building. First of all, I doubt that even gas could make such a big explosion. Secondly, if you watch closely, the top of the building seems to blow up before the bottom.
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