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Dead by Daylight: Survivor Main
-Yes I D/Cs, when I am the 1st on the tunnel, because 2 000 bloodpoints game is no game. And I am not feeding the killer more bloodpoints for it.
-If I got the hatch and you are the last dieing, just please die fast.
-When you see Bubba Leatherface facecamping me. Go away.

Spirit ------ you cant tell what is happening and 90% time you dont hear her phase/teleport
Doc -------- you cant hide = no fun
Huntress - iridescent heads
Clown ----- redheads pinky finger
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Tony Rispolli Jun 22 @ 8:52am 
+rep good survivor
SpankEngine Jun 19 @ 9:35am 
Good teammate :cozybethesda:
D4wnbre4ker May 4 @ 10:54am 
- finally a killer that doesn't need to camp or tunnel <3
- serious game, but friendly killer afterwards *--*
- i would love to have a farming hex totem xD
Bärlauch May 4 @ 10:53am 
+rep fair killer, no camping, no tunneling
DerWahreMitschi May 4 @ 12:22am 
baby nurse <3