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YouTuber with 42,000k subs! Rockstar Games' enjoyer. Usually

If sending a friend request, please note I'll ignore unless you put a comment on my profile (saying where you "know" me from), have mutual friends OR have Bully SE on Steam, This is because of the amount of scam/fake accounts that want to try and scam me out of my Steam inventory.

Other than that, welcome!


Main PC:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.5GHz
120 GB SSD (OS Driver)
3TB HDD (Apps/documents)
4TB HDD (Steam games)
1TB HDD (Non Steam games)
1TB HDD (Downloads)
1TB HDD (Backups)
1TB HDD (UPlay)
500GB HDD (Origin)

Yeah I have a lot of 1TB HDDs, need to upgrade them.

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So you're either here because you know my content, or you're annoyed that I played a game differently to you.

Anyway, welcome to my profile!

If you're here for videos:

Stay tuned for loads of upcoming videos from my main series

* Bully Beta
* Mysteries
* Character Critiques
* Bully 2 Speculation
* Mobile Ripoffs

and more.

You know the usual time: usually Friday or Saturday, at around 8PM BST!

Hope to see you there!


If you're here because you're annoyed I played a game differently to you:

* Get mad and grow up.

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boiboi Jul 31 @ 6:45am 
hi i have bully se and know u from youtube
Retro091399 Jun 19 @ 6:40pm 
Big fan of your YouTube videos! (:
gPaul May 6 @ 8:38am 
Hi dude i know you from YouTube!
ham and cheese sammich Apr 26 @ 2:33pm 
Creates banger content, with a certified banger Twitter page which is rare
Sw1per Anormaly Apr 22 @ 1:40pm 
One of the best content creator <3
i do not care Mar 13 @ 4:45pm 
i was here