Mexico, Mexico
Ducktator Jun 16 @ 3:48pm 
Type /new in the chat and have a quick read!
fanzypanda May 22 @ 5:04pm 
big fan
p7m Apr 3 @ 1:44am 
Usually when people talk shit about my Fortnite skill, I just brush it off, but now, it's gone a little to far. Assclown, you talk as you know me but in reality you don't know shit about me. I'm guessing you've never been in a situation involving a real life thug that was born and raised in the ghetto/hood(me). Yes i've turned my life to good and make 6 figures, but i will throw all that out the window if you continue to shit talk my building/shooting abilities. I've killed a few people back in my banging days and just remember next time before you open your mouth, you better be praying that i'm in a good mood and I've got some minis, or else you'll be in for a rude awakening.
aeli3 Jan 17 @ 11:36am 
Best fagg ever seen on the internet.
He reminds me of a shoe maker