Nymphie ♣ @World 5-3
Charlotte   Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

I hate CSGO and Dota 2. Valve are shit and so is the community. Thank you.

My twitch stream. [twitch.tv]

Hacks I have:

VincentVega : stop this f2king cheater!!
NyaN : jack you cheater
NyaN : how jack how !!!! cheater
ricewolf7 : jack is a cheater...
♣♥Jack of all Trades♠♦ : next time try cloaking, bro
horneju | WTT>REFINED FOR KEYS : wallhack on now?
horneju | WTT>REFINED FOR KEYS : umad u need to turn cheats on?

♣♥Jack of all Trades♠♦ : lolol
*DEAD* HarmfulGravemind : so much aimbot.

daajack : jack is ze best
daajack : i sa
ok : lol jack is a deadly spy

Lul stuff:

♣♥Jack of all Trades♠♦: Yes we are... at night @_@

h44kje : jack of all " take a bow
♣♥Jack of all Trades♠♦ : :>
h44kje : yeah really "skilled" -_-

*DEAD* Ketku : Jaack sucks
Player Ketku left the game (Disconnect by user.)

sniperawesomeness : omg jack of trades needs to be baned he is a serois hacker

00:36 - ♣♥Jack of all Trades♠♦: i don't get hello's like this >.> slightly jealous...
00:37 - BurtonJ: its b/c your name is too l337 for me
00:41 - ♣♥Jack of all Trades♠♦: Burton was that reference to epic name related to mine? Also, inb4spam :D
00:41 - BurtonJ: indeed it was, with your ascii art and all :p

I am a happy bunny.

Hit the road, Jack.
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UPDATE: The TF2 Pirate Pack is now availble on Workshop! Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=97406463

Download Link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/31068935/Dota%202%20Pirate%20Language%20Pack.zip

Ahoy thar mateys, crewmates, landl
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Nymphie ♣ @World 5-3 7 авг. в 5:54 
I love salty tears :)
♡ Princess Cadance ♡ 5 авг. в 2:30 
M E R D E !
Nymphie ♣ @World 5-3 5 авг. в 0:16 
Also, the guy is a brony but you're not allowed to be a weeb to trade with him. What a ♥♥♥♥ing living legend.
Nymphie ♣ @World 5-3 5 авг. в 0:14 
You heard it here folks, Teleports on attack when your spawn doesn't move are useless. Commend this man!
♡ Princess Cadance ♡ 4 авг. в 9:26 
-rep ♥♥♥♥♥ idiot from GB who plays def when shoyld be pushing
Piiavc 18 юли в 19:35 
your hard drive died? f