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Evoland 2 is a much needed improvement to the mediocure original release. It takes you along a fantastic journey and had me hooked from the very beginning and I enjoyed every moment of it!


Variety: The key word for evoland 2 is probably variety. The game has decided to combine elements of tonnes of different other genres into their game. These includes modes like shoot em up, Rhythm, Professor layton style puzzles, platforming, turn based strategy and so many more! Each of these modes aren't half done and just put together really quickly either. There all fully fleshed out with a lot of depth to them and could perhaps make complete games in their own right.

References: It features tonnes of references to movies, games and TV shows as well as others. Some are rather obscure and others are very stand out but all of them add a lot to the overall experience. These include things like doctor who, mario, zelda, star trek and probably loads more that I didn't even notice! I believe they even made a reference to themselves at one point by making fun of the random encounters in the first game.

Story: One of my biggest flaws about the original evoland was the boring story that it had. But this isn't the same with the sequel. The game is a wonderful intriguing story that holds itself well throughout the entire game. It features twists and turns. Each character is unique its own way and there are loads for you to talk to you. The dialog each character gives you is fantastic and it really gives them a personality. The story is set among time periods as you travel backwards and fowards through time.

Graphics: Each time period has it's own unique graphics style. They represent different periods in the eras of RPG's. The game styilizes these periods excellently and manages to put so much detail into them. I'm particularly fond of the games present era which I believe to be styilized the best of them all and I was always amazed by the beauty of it whenever exploring the world.

Soundtrack: A wonderfully crafted soundtrack full of so many different songs. Each area you explore seemingly has a different track attached to it. The game even has varients of many of the tracks for different eras of gaming. The tracks perfectly fit the areas you are exploring and greatly and to the experience.

Length: The main story took me a full 21 hours to complete. A great length and such a difference to the original that only took me 3 hours to complete. There is still tonnes more for me to do in the game as I am currently at 70% progress.

Bosses: Some of the best bosses I have seen in a game before. Each are unique and completely different to anything i've seen before. They are all frustrating difficult to complete though. The final boss took me over an hour to complete.


Changes: If you absolutely loved the original then you definitely won't find the same experience here. It doesn't teach you about the eras of RPG's very much at all in this game. It definitely isn't it's main focus. But instead you manage to get a well fleshed out experience. I'm neutral on this because I believe the original concept of the evolution of RPG's was too limiting for them to fill a full game with it.


Bugs: I did manage to unfortunately experience a few game breaking bugs throughout. These included getting stuck in the world and a boss fight that froze and wouldn't finish. They hit me a few times meaning I had to restart the game to be able to continue. They were frustrating. But luckily you shouldn't have to deal with these problems. I posted onto the steam forums these bugs and the devs managed to fix them within only a few hours!

Leveling up: The game features a leveling system when you pick up experience points. When you level up you gain either life, defence or attack statistics. The problem I have with this is that you don't actually get to choose what's upgraded. The game chooses it for you leaving it feel rather pointless. The other problem I have is that the entire world seems to level up and get stronger with you meaning you don't feel the progression. This may be more of a general problem I have with all RPG's though.

Controls: I would strongly recommend a controller for this game. Keyboard has horrible key bindings that can't be changed.


I mean overall evoland 2 is a fantastic well fleshed out RPG with tonnes of variety and a great story. My negatives aren't too big of an issue and won't cause you to have too bad of an experience. So I think this game should appeal to everyone and should definitely be played by everyone! The price may seem a bit steep but for the amount of content you get it is well worth it!

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