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A guy who loves playin' games , designing and animating nothing special,

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◆ My artworks
◆ i own TheHuntedGhost Group
◆ I'm Level 60+
◆ My SteamRep Profile []is clean
◆ I dont have a 2nd account
◆ i always have my profile public

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★If you want Me to make you a banner/profile picture/animation Contact Me★
★Discounts can happen★
:whathefck:★ No Refunds after you get the design ★:whathefck:
:whathefck:★ Free Edit To Anything I made You within a Month Then price will depend on what You want Sometimes even free ★:whathefck:

Check My Designs []isnt up to date all the time

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★ Profile Picture + Banner Package : 8$ ( You Save 2$ ) ' 7$ If First Time
★ Profile Picture Or Banner : 5$ ' 4$ If First Time
★ Artwork Animation : 6$ ' 5$ If First Time
★ Side animation : 2.50$ ' 1.50$ If First time

:8infinity: I Accept :8infinity:

★ Any Skins
★ Gem Sacks                                            
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★ Trading cards sets
★ CSGO skins and keys
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I Live In Africa
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:8infinity_In_the_loop: My Steam Trades Profile [] is clean
:8infinity_In_the_loop: My SteamRep Profile []is clean

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:8infinity_In_the_loop: Engrized HyperTech Maplestrike 
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Shiny Interplanetry Grizzly      
:8infinity_In_the_loop: lovely Pilot Aviators                    
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Freezing Rainbow ButterFly Knife 
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Shinny Vintage TimberWolf          
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Burning WindUp Key                    
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Shiny Snake         
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Wealthy Snake                   
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Burning White Fedora              
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Burning 3D Glasses                 
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Burning rocket boots
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Freezing deminos scalar
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Lovely Natucal matamorez
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Freezing Rainbow katana
:8infinity_In_the_loop: BloodSucker Cobweb Bandana
:8infinity_In_the_loop: Party Obi

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:8infinity: http://I'm not responsible for you getting scammed by Them

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Please be careful in which websites you log in,
I know this sounds super obvious,but today 2 of my closest friends got hacked, and I'm more surprised than them on how they got hacked the same way.

DO NOT FALL FOR IT, If anyone in your friends list messages you about a website named "spin-games" DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IT IS A SCAM, the person who messaged you is hacked and got their password and email changed from his account.

IF YOU GOT HACKED AND YOU ARE SOMEHOW READING THIS MESSAGE insure that your steam account is safe by checking the latest emails from steam about password changes, one of the emails will give you the ability to lock your account, please lock your account, it will prevent the hacker from doing any trades, market transactions, and even playing games in your library until you recover your account.

Be safe friends, any website about "steam giveaways" is a scam, so please don't fall for obvious stuff like this.
燒橡膠 Feb 13 @ 11:45am 
Quentic Feb 4 @ 2:51pm 
Quentic Feb 4 @ 2:51pm