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Hello Hardtruck1 here

I would like to tell you all about a game that i really love to play

it is Farming Simulator 15

I have been playing this game for some time now and it is a very good game
and here is what i think of it.

1. it is a very well put together game about farming and with a little lagging as well.

2. it dose a good job of giving you a real senes of being on the farm and really working the land.

3. altho it dose not give you the full aspect of farming, it dose however give you a really good idea of what we, yes i mean we i'm a farmer in real life, go througt on the farm.

and finally 4. some of the more better qualities that farming simulator 15 gives is the large variety of vehicles that come with the game and that it can have, if you so desire, mods.

but now for the downfalls of the game:

1. although the game is very well thought out, there are a number of things that, well could have been better, one being the graphics could be a bit on the greener side, so to speek, the grass looks like some thing from home depot and the field textures look like they where pulled out of a story book, so not lovin that.

2. the next thing is the physics of the game are, well not what i would have hope to see, the physics are, in a way, just like farming simulator 2013, there is really no major difference beteen them, fs13 had some of the craziest physics i'll say, but although the developers did manage to correct some of those with fs15, it's seems that some of the issues with 13 have made there way in to 15.

and 3th. the lack of realism in some of the vehicles and lack of realistic details in the way of steering, gearing and other areas that where really disappointing to say the least,

so overall there are good and there are bad things about the game
the good: is that it is a very good way to experience farming with out having to go to a farm that in some places can be rather far.

the bad: is that although the game dose give you the farming experience, it falls far from the real thing.

so "Would I Recommend this game"
Answer: Yes, but keep in mind that although this game says simulator it dose not match the real thing

I give this game a 4 out 5
Posted March 15, 2016.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries