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Thank you @PaperKira for the artwork! I can't express in words how thankful I am! You rock!

A beacon of hope to many, whether it be in terms of GMod Network Owners, an ally in other games, or in the long journeys we all make.

I've gone through alot of abuse, like many others, such as betrayal, cyberbullying, and likewise, however, I still do my best to keep to being a decent person, as always.

My favorite things in life deal with:

- Penguins, they are absolutely majestic-looking, in my opinion.

- Certain shows that mix in a good plot and some good humor (it's good to have "comic relief" somewhere).

- Potatoes, because you can do so many freaking things with them, and a little salt.

[These are just the basics, however, I'm not THAT "shallow".]

- My favorite movie is Deadpool, and the sequel was awesome too!

If you ever want me to check out a channel, video, movie, tv show, anime, or otherwise, don't pester me about it. It's best to bring it up once, and let me decide whether I'm confortable watching it. If I'm not interested, don't expect me to change my decision in the near future with more pestering.

Owner of (USA) Rage Gaming since 2017.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCseTi6yElSiV2FiSfaYNm2w
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HanderilBarastl
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Minesome was here.
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is gay :3