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Competitive TF2 HL Engineer and Streamer [www.twitch.tv]

TF2 Custom HUD [github.com]

❤ UGC Platinum [www.ugcleague.com]
❤ ETF2L HL High (Prem Exp) [etf2l.org]
❤ Youtube
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❤ Community Discord [t.co]
❤ Soundcloud [soundcloud.com]
❤ Watching fandom wars [thehammockproduction.tumblr.com]
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:theShipWrench: Links

❤ TF2 Custom HUD (WietHUD) [github.com]
❤ UGC HL Platinum [www.ugcleague.com]
❤ ETF2L HL High [etf2l.org]
❤ Youtube
❤ Steam Group
❤ Twitch [www.twitch.tv]
❤ Soundcloud [soundcloud.com]
❤ Tumblr [thehammockproduction.tumblr.com]

:theShipWrench: Description

Hello! My name is Hammock. I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 and other team-based competitive games. I mainly play the Support roles or the characters that feel like Engineers. I have a channel where I talk in-length about various strategies, Engineer related opinions, and finely constructed memes. I also like to draw and produce music in my spare time. Heres a playlist of some musical doodles [soundcloud.com] i made. think of it like a sketchbook with small ideas and reference drawings.

:theShipWrench: Can I add you to friends?

Only if you comment and mention the relevance to where I would know you from - then i'll consider it. Random adds and private/VAC profiles will be ignored and blocked. If it's about Highlander - I only merc for friends teams or other High+/Gold+ teams. In which case we'll either have friends in common or I'll know you.

:theShipWrench: Highlander Teams History

:dosh: ETF2L Highlander:

:dosh: Season 14: High - Dignity Zero
:dosh: Season 13: Premiership - Crazybwaii
:dosh: Season 12: High - Team Colonslash: Frosties
:dosh: Season 11: High - Team Colonslash: Frosties (3rd)
:dosh: Season 10: High – Team Niveous
:dosh: Season 9: High – Team Colonslash: Ambition (2nd and won relegation to Premiership)
:dosh: Season 8: Mid – Team Rocket (Playoffs Quarter Final)
:dosh: Season 7: Div 3 – Team Tempest
:dosh: Season 6: Div 3 – 30 Percent
:dosh: Season 5: Div 3 – Dogebears
:dosh: Season 4: Div 6 – Alcoholic Passion
:dosh: Season 1: Div 6 – Science Highlander
:dosh: Season 0: Original Highlander Challenge - D0ZhD D0L0K0Hs \o/

:penny: UGC Highlander:

:penny: Season 11: EU Platinum – Hooliganz
:penny: Season 12: EU Gold – The Hashtag Heroes
:penny: Season 13: EU Platinum – Fiddle e-sports
:penny: Season 14: EU Silver – Team Tempest (Fun Team)
:penny: Season 16: EU Platinum – Calm Your Oppai
:penny: Season 18: NA Silver – Fast Company (Fun Team)
:penny: Season 19: NA Silver – Fast Company (Fun Team)
:penny: Season 20: EU Gold – Flower (Pre-ETF2L Offclass Team)
:penny: Season 21: NA Platinum - Swift Incorporated
:penny: Season 23: EU Platinum - dånish nøisæs (Full VoDS up on my channel)

:undyne: Misc Teams/Events:

:undyne: SPUF HL: Users vs Mods Season 2 - Sniper for team users
:undyne: Tumblr vs Reddit Season 2 - Engineer for team Tumblr
Jul 21 @ 10:07am 
Jul 21 @ 10:07am 
So tell me if you do want
Jul 21 @ 10:07am 
I think you really want to play in♥♥♥♥♥♥mid hl team
lilypad Jul 17 @ 11:00am 
thanks you too ^_^
Reserved Jun 26 @ 4:14am 
Hi, I can give my Fiery Soul of the Slayer Lina arcana for all of your dota 2 loading screens (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
Connord Jun 20 @ 12:12am 
Hi, I see you have many useless craftable TF2 items So I can give one of my hats for all of them.
Check my profile (link in bio) and send me steam trade offer if its ok for you. Thanks for attention!