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Buying Knives, Gloves & TF2 Unusual quicksells.
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Buying all sorts of Quicksells for TF2, CS:GO, Dota2.
Interested in TF2⇄CS:GO.
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I guess this is it then.
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glen Jul 7 @ 4:04am 
Can I add you when I want to trade or just ask a question?
Yes, I don't mind adds as long as you aren't a marked scammer.

My/Yours friendslist is full, what to do if I want to add you?
Send me a blank trade offer with message using the info box.

What is blank trade offer?
Open a trade offer using my trade offer link and select a random item (crate/case) from my/yours inventory and use the info box to send the message!

Can I add you to play with you?
No. Sorry, but I don't play any games these days.

Can I add you because you have a high steam level?
No, I see no point in it.

Can you give me free item?
No, I don't give away free items just because my inventory is bigger than yours.
glen Jul 7 @ 4:04am 
Do you have any other accounts, such as bots, alts?
No, I do not own any other steam accounts. Every bot that I maintain is owned it's service not me.
glen Jul 7 @ 4:03am 
Comments are locked for good
Can't see more people getting scammed by just commenting here.

If you got scammed report the scammer here:

If user with same name and profile picture adds you but doesn't have:
• Public profile
• Public inventory
• Empty inventory
• Marked as a scammer on or
• 100+ steam level
• 100+ games owned
• Isn't in Lil Ghosts steam group
astroyed [vacation in asia] May 20 @ 10:20am 
Added to discuss (overpay) for confetti party phantom
Thatnyanguy May 20 @ 3:34am 
Added to offer on the unusual party phantom.
Jayycob May 18 @ 7:19pm 
just to let u know ur being impersonated. hes going through your comments adding people. lmao