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The first chapter of the Half-Life: Blue Shift remake, Living Quarters Outbound, is now released!

Relive the Black Mesa Incident as Gordon Freeman's best friend - Barney Calhoun! This first chapter will show you the start of what looked like a typical w
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I would like to point out that this review is gonna be pretty short. Listen, underneath the bugs, this game is fun as all hell, and the story is compelling. You're slowly becoming someone else, someone stuck in your head against their will. It's an incredible concept!

Here's the problem. THE BUGS!!! They said they wouldn't crunch and they'd release the game with as little bugs as possible. Somehow there's more bugs than Fallout 76! You can't do one mission without some kind of bug. If you drive too fast in a vehicle, when your arrive at your destination, it won't be fully loaded in and the people will look like clay. If you're calling someone and happen to stumble into an area where there's a lost cab, you'll get two calls at once which is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ confusing. Sometimes you straight up don't have arms? Sometimes things that should briefly show on the screen end up staying there indefinitely. There's SOOOOOOO many bugs in this game. BUT...

Despite all that, it's still fun. The problem is, it just isn't what was promised. If it wasn't ready, they should've moved it once, but move it to 2021, even if investors disagree. It's not a good idea to crunch a game like this. You've made these trailers that look incredible and show it being this next-gen thing, but it's so buggy that it's hard to see that!

But again, I still think it's fun. With a bunch of updates and patches, this game will be great, it just shouldn't have been released so soon. I recommend it for the graphics if your PC can handle it like mine can. And don't worry, their PC specs chart is wrong. My Alienware laptop does 1060 and it can run almost every ultra setting besides RTX.

I'll be in Night City!

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