TheGhostKillz   Jihocesky Kraj, Czech Republic
Welcome scrub, here's some info about me!
-Age : 17
-Birth : ××.3.2003
-Gender : ♂
-Favorite games : R6S, CS:GO, World of Tanks, Unturned, SCP:SL
-Primary name : TGK (also known as TheGhostKillz [™ since 2012] )

All you need to know is down here!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Skill : Gold nova 3/MG
Average rank : Gold 2 (playing with my Silver 4 friends a lot and top fragging, when "grinding" I'm MG2 but honestly that's no fun)
Actual game knowledge:
Map knowledge: All
Gun skills: Average
Strategies: Slightly above average (pushing from unexpected angles with grenades)

Rainbow Six Siege
Average rank: Bronze I (Bronze II to Silver II, depending on season and teamwork of teams)
Operators: Attackers: Nokk, Kali, Montagne, both British ops.
Defenders: Frost, Caveira, Wamai,
Level: Above 100
Actual game knowledge: A lot
Map knowledge: I know everything (roamer as defender)
Operator knowledge: All (except brand new operators)
Strategies: Good (making them up literally on spot but they mostly work just fine for winning and top fragging in silver and sometimes even in gold)

-Random video : (don't make fun of handicapped people)

-Funny Gif :

Note : If you want to add me I want you to give me a solid reason to add you. (If not then I'll ignore/blacklist you)
Currently In-Game
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

I'm TheGhostKillz (since 2012)

If you want to communicate with me I use Discord and TS3 [The Ghost Killz]
+ When I'm offline and you want to contact me then do so in World of Tanks (domino2709) (PC version of WoT)

My all time favorite games: 1) R6S , 2) The Walking Dead (franchise) , 3) Dying Light , 4) 7 Days to Die , 5) Unturned** , hopefully more to come.
(Updated when I complete the game / finish all achievments and I'd gladly play it again)

I still love playing : R6S , Unturned , 7 Days to Die , The Walking Dead
(This list is updated monthly)

I like playing: Unturned** ,Project Zomboid, GTA:SA, SCP:SL

I liked playing games like: CS:GO , WoT** , Terraria**,
(This is updated when I get bored of a certain game or just lose interest in it)

Other games I like: SCP:SL , Unturned ,Project Zomboid, GTA:SA

If you want to trade first ask me for exact items you want (except StatTrak™ items) .* (keep in mind you have low chances of getting me to trade anything)

If you never played World of Tanks ask me and I'll invite you. (Why? You'll get a lot of benefits if you're playing with your teacher (me) and If you get enough xp, you'll get a rare preminum tank)
If you don't trust me look at the / sites.

Random viedo:

Background : I was in three middle schools in × and now I'm at IT high school in ×

History of my names : My first name was dominki265 (2008-×××× Minecraft) then I was ghostkillzcz (2009-2012-Skype, still is the name of my second Steam) and then TheGhostKillz (2012-××××)

Technical stuff:
PC - Acer Predator Orion PO3-600, black
GPU - Nvidia - Geforce GTX 1660Ti
CPU - Intel - i5-9400F (6 cores) (2.9GHz) (Turboboost - never used, unnecessary)
RAM - 40 GB

* - scammers in my profile messages and normal messages will be blocked and reported. (Including pomotions of free money scamms)

** - I play / I may play these games with my friends.
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Screenshot of the scene in the cave.
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pls i need it
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