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[T.S.A.] General Cole
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✶If you see anyone else with Laz0r$hir in their name, they're FAKE! The real [R.E.A.C.H] Laz0r$hir, as you already know, is me. ;33
Anyone else with this name is fake!

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Yes, I am a Furry. Problem?
Just kidding dont care


✶Normies: Meh, I guess, but dont hate on me/my friends...
✶Bronies: Meh, but I don't mind them.
Furries: :fhappy: Welcome, my friend. :fhappy:
✶Anime/Manga Lovers: Sure, but dont send me NSFW items without the [NSFW] tag... Please... [This rule applies to all of these, BTW.]
✶FNaF/Undertale Fans: Dont mind but dont bug the shit outta me.

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My OOC©/RP Information Box
My Main Roleplay Persona(s):

Hunter the [Anthro] Folfingo-Khajiit [Fox-Wolf-Dingo-Khajiit [Cathay-Raht] Hybrid]©
[Fursona Description]

Full Name: Ræ’Khęräan “Hunter” Jå’Qàvéer Kennway III
The Daedric-Divine of Rage, Chaos, Death, and Destruction
Height: 9'8''
Age: 84,848
Gender: Male
Likes: Family, Blood, Weapons, Power, Fortune, and Protecting
Dislikes: Wasting Time, Taunts, and Scams
Fears: The thought of his achievments & accomplishments being rendered futile by opposing forces...

Appearence & Abilities:
✶60% Fox, 14% Wolf, 6% Dingo, 20% Khajiit Cathay-Raht
✶Fur is Silvery-White with a Pure White belly; only slightly bloodstained
✶Has shortened whiskers and facial hair [ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1366329532 ]
✶Utilizes a Half-Tarkatan Mouth aswell as Vampire Fangs and a Snake-Like Tongue [Mostly covered via closed mouth; fangs stick out]
✶Has a maroon fur pattern on shoulders and back. [ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1314836760 ]
✶Sports both a Skyrim Insignia Scarred into upper back and an Ancient Terrarian Sigil on right side of chest
✶Has a thin but strong Gold-Ebony Plate used as subdermal body armour (enhances muscular appearence slightly)
✶Has a large scratch, spanning from his upper back to his lower stomach (mostly hidden by fur)
✶Has 2 large scars on his left eye, as well as the same eye having an eyepatch, as well as a big scar on the rightside of snout
✶Two holes in his right ear and three holes through his snout, all with rings through them
✶Sports some dirty handwraps and darker grey footwraps
✶Wears a specially enchanted set of Bonehawk Rings and Necklace

✶Vampirism and Demonic Powers
✶His own Strength and Anger
✶Connections to his friends and colleagues
✶Able to 'transform' and ascend
✶Has mastered Ki, the Terrarian Forces, and conquered his evil side...
✶Uses a Modified Pip-Boy 3000 on his left arm and a custom Hidden Blade on his right arm
✶Has many weapons at disposal [Vile Blade, True Terra Blade, Mjolnir, S&W Model 500, etc]

Extra Info.:
✶'Pets': Sally the Dragonite, Char the Charmander, Melissa the Houndoom, etc
✶Siblings: "The God King", Rikkun the Fox, Maria the 'Thing', Isaiah, etc
✶Children: Eve the Eevee, Zora the Zoroark, Logan the Pup, etc

Nicholle the OrcaDragon
✶Full name: Nicholle Kennway
Age: 22
Height: 6'11''
Gender: Female

✶Is a fusion of two people; Jessica and Hazel
✶Loves her family and friends
✶Can be a bit lazy at times, specifically when theres "nothing to do"
✶Is mostly seen with her friends or spouse
✶Can be a bit extreme if angered
✶Hard to anger, for the most part
✶Couldn't stand to see her friends/family dead, despire their potential magic and powers
✶Is one of Hunter's cousin
✶Is a rather curvy and voluptuous woman

✶Goddess of Love, Compassion, and
✶Is a "synthetic" being, and thus can easily be put into an AI/Robotic Formation
✶Is Ex-Military, now a Mercenary-for-Hire
✶Has many, many forms
✶Quite charming and charismatic
✶Uses a special spellbook
Danka, comrade.
Zoroark May 28 @ 8:11am 
Today you can relax knowing brave men and women are paying the ultimate sacrifice for us and our amazing country. Happy Memorials day 🇺🇸
buddeman27 (SUV) Apr 18 @ 1:47pm 
i take that as a C O M P L I M E N T
You little shit
buddeman27 (SUV) Apr 18 @ 1:31pm 

sry, had to do that
don't impale me plz...
Again, thanks to I Kill For Free: https://steamcommunity.com/id/-kills and John Brown Key: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SupportJobII for ‘helping me make this decision.’