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Can I add you to friends?

It's only really worth it if I've played in a game server with you and had some fun interaction/communication. Otherwise, it's bound to be ignored. I'm not here for your cringy furry RP mess either.

Can I add you to ask a question related to Potato's MvM Server / Campaign / Items?

You'll get quicker answers over in the Steam group chat / discussion board or through Discord chat. If you feel like asking me only then ask in the comment section.

How'd you get your self-made medals? Did you make them? Can I join the staff?

I contributed to the Titanium Tank, Canteen Crasher, and Madness vs. Machine campaigns ran by Potato MvM Servers as a General Admin by judging and providing feedback for missions and maps, writing documents/announcements, testing server implementation / campaign logic, and managing community chatrooms.

I did not model the medals myself.

We are not taking staff applications. Staff members are chosen by existing staff. Not applied for.
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The CEO of blueray DVD's Oct 8 @ 7:49am 
do you also have a crippling pokemon mystery dungeon addiction or is that just me
dupie Sep 27 @ 9:07pm 
hi! i played with you in mvm tonight! i had fun with you and maybe you'd want to play with andrew and i again? also +rep, really nice and epic
Stealth™ Sep 27 @ 8:22pm 
need support
Neon Apr 22 @ 11:26am 
finally found someone with the brim full of bullets, best hat better than anger
Erikku Feb 3 @ 5:27am 
Just a reminder since I've made the comments section public: Please do not comment here if you have questions regarding Canteen Crasher / Madness vs. Machine / Potato MvM Servers. You'll get better responses by utilizing the Steam Forum / Chat or Discord. Thanks everyone!
interrobang Mar 30, 2018 @ 8:08pm