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I likely will accept adds if I've had some positive / fun interaction inside a server. I tend to avoid obvious kids / memers / immaturity. If you're a furry and I've never interacted with you: I definitely won't accept. Keep your lewd desires to yourself.

How'd you get your self-made medals? Did you make them?

I contributed to the Titanium Tank, Canteen Crasher, Memes vs Machine, and Madness vs. Machine campaigns ran by Potato MvM Servers as a General Admin by judging and providing feedback for missions and maps, writing documents/announcements, testing and providing feedback for server implementation / campaign logic, and managing community servers / chatrooms.

I did not model the medals myself.
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Sorry about the mess. This guide is rather disorganized and structureless.

I thought I was done writing guides, but here this is.

Lately, I've had my intelligence insulted a lot by low-tour players in MvM pubs. Why are low-tour players calling

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hey bro :WhiteWolfInterset:
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hello pls give tf2 item i sold my wife for internet
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hello i am adding you because i want to ask you some questions about organising a tf2 community event with obtainable badges