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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
If I were to describe The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (TW3) in one word, it would be, "magnificent". It provides both a captivating and marvelous story with hours upon hours of addition content in the form of side quests, treasure hunts, and DLC (Which is very much worth it).

To me, the story of a game is its most important aspect, and not only did TW3 meet my expectations, it blew them out of the water. The premise is that you play as Geralt of Rivia, a famous monster hunter for hire, who needs to find his adopted daughter Ciri and save her from the Wild Hunt, wraiths on horseback who seek to capture her and use her power to travel through dimensions to enslave humanity. Being my first Witcher game, I understood everything with the odd wiki search here and there, so CDPR has done an excellent job with making the story easy to understand. I remember that there was one specific story quest near the beginning of the game in the region of Velen that was so large that one could say it could be a game entirely in itself. The writing is very well-done and includes a few sad moments and a surprisingly large amount of funny jokes. I cracked up more often at Geralt's and the game's sense of humor than I thought I would. The game takes around 50-60 hours to complete if you focus on the story with a few side quests here and there.

The combat in this game is based around sword fighting. You have two swords (a steel one for humans and a silver one for monsters) as well as the ability to roll, dodge, parry, and counterattack, simple enough. You also have the ability to cast signs which cast spells that give you a magic shield, spew fire, etc... Among other things you can brew potions to enhance your abilities, craft better weapons and armor, and make oils to apply to your sword to have an edge against fighting certain monsters.

The game is very much an RPG, so you'll be able to craft better weapons and armor, upgrade Geralt using ability points when leveling up, and make choices in dialogue that heavily affect the story and the ending (The general rule of thumb in TW3 when talking to characters is to be kind, open-minded, and generally not be an as*hole. When you've got those three things down you'll get along fine with everyone).

CDPR also included Gwent in TW3, a deck-building card game that you can play against other people in the game world. It's very easy to get addicted to it even if you're not much for card games (this turned out to be true in my case). The game is simple enough to understand and it became so popular that they made a standalone game called "Gwent: The Witcher Card Game" (PvP battles of Gwent) and "Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales" (single player RPG with battles being rounds of Gwent).

The soundtrack for TW3 is beautiful in every sense of the word, it contains songs that can range from sweeping and adrenaline-inducing battle music to emotional songs that pull at the heartstrings. I'll link a few songs below if you'd like to listen.
Don't go into the comments for the next one, there are spoilers!

The characters in TW3 are very well written and fleshed out. Even seemingly minor characters have well-written backstories to them. You'll meet many throughout your journey and you'll form a connection to quite a few. I'd love to say more but I'm afraid I'll be heading into spoiler territory.

Despite coming out in 2015, TW3's world and characters look as amazing as ever. The landscapes as breathtaking and bursting with life and the animation is spot on. I believe that CDPR used and algorithm to correctly map the characters' faces when they speak so even the eyebrows move realistically.

Despite being such a massive game, TW3 doesn't have many bugs. The only one I remember was one character's arms disappearing whenever I talked to them, nothing game-breaking though.

TW3 is outstanding in every sense of the word. It's the type of game where you say "I'll do this one main mission and then start essay" and by the time you're ready to exit the game, it's already 3 AM. You'll find yourself getting caught up constantly in all the quests, contracts, scavenger hunts, and, of course, Gwent. The writing is masterful and the soundtrack is up there. Like I said before, TW3 can take between 50-60 hours to beat, but you can easily smash through that and add another 20 or 30 if you so desire. Though, I will say that it is a shame that only 68.2% of people have even beaten the prologue according to the achievements. There's also the DLC which I'm playing through now. So far, it's on the same level as the base game, so be sure to pick up the expansion pass if you're craving more TW3 after beating the main game. Nevertheless, after all I've said, you can be sure of one thing, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is well worth your time and money.
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