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Early Access Review
As you can tell by my hours, I love it, it's perfect, my dream game. But, I want to tell some of the great tales of the ARK I have.


The first one, around 300 hours in, offical server we found a tribe that lived right beside us, around 5 men, it was night(as you know night in offical lasts forever) so we managed to sneak in, under the foundations they were currently building, James Bond styled, hidden behind pillars watching them build and place, we studied the chests and when they left to get a lot of mats for more than 2 seconds, we ran in and broke the chests, stole tons of metal and flint, we were rich (rich for a 2 man tribe, on official mind you) and we ran away, they never knew we did it, we even talked to one while running to our birds. I never knew what happened to them in the end.

Around 700 hours in on unoffical now, I had collected members from many different servers, I had started a real tribe, members from different backgrounds, all over the world, 20+, I was happy, I had a loyal tribe who loved me very much. T'was good, until the great de-adminning; we had stuff going missing so I made sure our base was protected as we had so many members I didn't want people stealing me and my friends stuff. This caused an uproar, people crying they couldn't build and such so I re-admnned them after, nothign was thought of it (or so I thought).

We moved server, the server we played on got wiped and we didn't feel like playing with bad admins, so we moved to "DANGER ZONE" we loved it, PVPers and events such as PVP arenas. I won so many I was crowned "CeeZee the Fighter" by 2 or 3 people who were often surprised when I lost, I loved that nickname, ~(you'll see how this comes back around. )~ But we were split to cover more ground, 2 main bases, half the tribe in one, and the other half in then other. One tribe on the server, got on my nerves and killed one of our dinos. So my half raided them, but we only killed their dinos because some people from another bigger tribe got called in for backup, I then later snuck in and looted at night.

My tribe members were apparently not happy with it, and wanted me gone, so I woke up the next morning, without a tribe, so I was wondering "Huh? How did this happen? Meh maybe a relog (the glitch has happened before to me)" I relog I see the yellow "Banterbury" name all over my stuff...hmm what could this be? I talk to one of my friends and ask what has happened, and he shows me that they got the admin of the server to come in my OWN tribe and kick me out of it and made the guy who hated me the most, leader. We'll call him Tom. Tom then felt "nice" in telling the admin to give me my base back, which he did, I didn't miss em much, but alas, half my tribe was gone.

In a few days time, my friend was out looking for dinos and found the renamed tribe that left me, waiting behind our base with 3 gigas, a warquetz and other assorted dinos, along with 3 other tribes, so we knew we were going to get raided. They broke in the gates, killed all dinos, nothing left. Just my big hunk of metal base left. With 3 people inside, hour after hour they tried to get in, but they only got 1 room in, 3 tribes vs 3 people after the first hour and nobody got in. I held them off MYSELF from 12am to 4.30am. I gave all my loot to smaller tribes once it died down and they all left. CeeZee the Fighter lived on.

I moved to another server, after all that, and found myself a nice tribe to go in with as it just wiped. It boiled down to 3 people,a nd we owned carno island, it was a big bite to chew but we were dedicated farmers so we managed. But we heard the server was going to wipe with a new map mod, so I rallyed up people and asked "The server is potentially wiping, want to move with us?" most said yes.

I am now back to 20+ people, who love me and actually like me and trust decisions I make, but we've elected for a democracy, but we've landed ina server full of wimps, we have had over 50 players in cages laughing at them until they log. I have 2 tribe members that raid huge bases with literally just grenades. Like 50 of them if that. We've nearly wiped the server. Ripping people from tribes, demanding CP for bodies, keeping people alive in cages for actually IRL days.

I am now known as an Evil PVPer, who can't be matched, and is known on a lot of popular unofficial servers, this game brings out the worst in you after a while, and I love it and so will you.

Buy, this, game.
Posted January 20, 2016.
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This is the first review I've ever done, this game just deserves it, I plan on putting so many more hours into it.

It's basically a baby of TF2, CS:GO, Advanced Warfare, Battlefield and Borderlands. It's beautiful.

Each class has it's own pluses and negatives, so far me and my mates all love different classes and they all work good for us, like, they're all OP, you just need to find the right class for you, for me, that class is Nader, they keep adding new guys in aswell, so they're working and nerfing stuff and I like that, it's also free so who can complain?

My only hate in this game, is that elite cases cost money and the characters cost waay to much IRL money (I didn't buy them obviously) but yeah, cheaper with IRL money and buyable elite cases for say like 5,000-10,000c's I'd say is worth an elite case.

I'd rate 8.5/10, the 1.5 being the waaay too expensive items.
Posted July 2, 2015. Last edited July 2, 2015.
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