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:alliedstar:i will accept any friend request so dont be afraid to send it~:alliedstar:
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🍌welcome to my a(peeling) profile! 🍌
:hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter::cwd_heart::hearter: My Sfm model! if you make any pictures with it in it, do please send me the pic! id like to see your work with her ^^ ! [www.dropbox.com]
:2017cat:if you're an asshole, then you know where the door is:2017cat:
:hearter:Some things about me and small rules:hearter:
:hearter:im a quiet person and dont voice chat, i dont really start chats so if you want to talk then go ahead and send a message ^^
:hearter: i also have it disabled so i cant see when people go into games or come online, for the reasons that steam decides to put up the messages that blocks up where there are important stuff to keep track of
:hearter:And the small rules and reasons why the certain thing has happened:hearter:
:hearter:On Away Mode:2017catheart::nyam:: im probably watching youtube or eating, or away or not feeling well and so i would appreciate aswell if you wouldnt write to me, even if you do then i wont answer till im done doing what im doin
:hearter:Rp/Erp(also means small actions -3-):em_bomb:: i dont erp or rp with people anymore as i already have my selected people for those needs if i ever get it, so id appreciate it if you wouldnt ask me for those kinda stuff, and if you do then im sorry if i remove you, i just find it quite annoying how people only add me for that reason and never talk to me ever again after being denied
:hearter:(im removed D: why!):gr_sad:: there are some reasons why, 1 being that you added me and asked for rp/erp without having read my profile and only added me for that reason or 2 you are simply just rude or an asshole oooorrr act like a massive grammar nazi(like i know i get it, i make small mistakes, but me not putting down the " ' " dosnt mean you should whine about it, i simply just dont do it to spare more time and you may think(but it dosnt take that long xD) but it does in the long run, simply just a waste of time
aswell if you suddenly start ignoring me over a discussion, then ill have no respect and just go, because i have better things to deal with then some butt hurt kid that cant even take a talk about a certain topic that was pulled up by us both
:hearter:(id like to add you but what things do i have to watch out for!):tfs_fish:: simply just dont ask for rp or erp, or do rp actions as i wont respond to them or will in a dissapointed manner, other then that you're free to add me<3
:hearter: My Deviantart [bubbleheartz.deviantart.com]
:hearter:Games that i have done a 100% on!(aka no life trophies)
:hearter:(this spot is for farcry blood dragon )
:hearter:(this spot is for farcry primal)
:hearter:(this spot is for farcry 2)
:hearter: Farcry 3:spg2skull:
:hearter: Farcry 4:missile_attack:
:hearter:(this spot is for farcry 5)
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:neko::hearter:yush i do collect fish, my goal is to get all fc skins for le fishies:hearter::Neko:
:hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar: :alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar::hearter::alliedstar: ~!Trade:Neko:Offer!~ :alliedstar::hearter:
:2017catheart::hearter:Ma wishu listu :nyam:and:nyam: goals:hearter::2017cat:
:hearter: Stat Clocked FC Clover Camo'd War Paint, i need lots of em ono
:hearter::summersun:Alot of Festivizers!:summersun::hearter:
:hearter: Unusual The Cat's Pajamas with the Cauldron bubbles effect
:hearter:Lots of lime paint! its sometimes cheaper on the market and sometimes cheaper on the tf2 market it self in game, need lots of em ono
:hearter:all unusual taunts with the Infernal Smoke effect!
:hearter:Professional Killstreak Shotgun Kit with the Agonizing Emerald sheen, dont care what killstreaker it is
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you know i had to do it to dem zeds
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The best nuclear post apocalyptic game ive ever seen ^-^ hell even tho there are an ocean of bugs i still recommend this game! yea it might cost alot of money for it all but hell in my opinion its worth every single cent c:! like yea it costs alot, but if you're into skyrim but u want guns and mutants then this is the game for u, and why its worth all your money? well it can be funny as ♥♥♥♥, sad sometimes yea, and if u feel like an adventure too then this should be fun for ya, like ive already spend alot of hours on this game so i think its worth it! even tho i got it for free but shush~
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What kind of disgusting potion is brewing in here? Would you even dare to take a sip?

You better don't. Because it's the water the witch washed her laundry in.

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Why thanku :hearter: ofc ill accept! I accept everyone uvu just not hackers or scammer bots :p
Hellooo. Just adding to talk some, that's all. I mean, your profile seems really well made!