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Wow, beatiful cake~
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TheBluekr (STEAM_0:1:63807812)
About me:
Fortress of Gamers - Ex-Admin and Ex-Server Manager of Versus Saxton Hale
Public Nemesis - Ex-Server Manager of Versus Saxton Hale 2
Public Nemesis - Ex-Head Management (community got disbanded)
• Developer for VSPR, working mainly on BeTheClass.
• My SteamRep [], make sure to copy the profile URL to verify it's me instead of clicking this link.
• I got only one alt, BlueBot which I never will use to add or trade with someone.
• I'm a brony. If you ask, Derpy/Ditzy is best pony.
• Contact me on TheBluekr#2702 for SM plugin related things.

Before adding:
• Do NOT add me regarding advertising for gambling sites. Make sure to contact me
through either comments or Discord before adding as I'll ignore any unknown requests.
• Regarding SteamRep, contact me through the forums instead.

List of funny things that have been said about me:
:steamsalty: GinTheNinja : not gg u are hacker :S (VSH)
:steamsalty: Mittens : Doesn't help when blukr is constantly up my arse tbh
TheBluekr : B)
Pablo The Wizard: I like your ponies, they're pretty
:cure: shotgun : i'd like to be a pony
W.H.I.T.E™: I like your ponis too.
Brezz : i like ur flairs pretty nice
Günter : Blue
Günter : noice flairs u got there
[VIP] yperz! : nice ponies
:cure: Brezz : <3 ur flairs
Brezz : 12.5/10
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TheBluekr 29/dez/2020 às 4:29 
I prefer to know why I should add you
Juce 28/dez/2020 às 13:45 
can you add me?
💜Sonata Dusk💜 28/dez/2020 às 10:58 
TheBluekr 28/dez/2020 às 9:20 
💜Sonata Dusk💜 28/dez/2020 às 6:02 
my gift is my love for you Mama. ^_^
TheBluekr 28/dez/2020 às 5:40 
Don't worry about gifting me anything, you don't have to